1. Alle Wasser laufen ins Meer [20:28]
  2. Schwerelos [16:42] MP3 soundclip of Schwerelos [3:00]
  3. Ein jegliches hat seine Zeit [18:25]
All tracks composed, arranged and performed live at Toskana Therme, Bad Sulza on 8th of November 2003 by Bas Broekhuis, Thomas Kagermann, Detlef Keller, Chris Lang, Andrea Saphira Leonhardi, Mario Schönwälder and Gerd Wienekamp. The Berlin ‘dream team’ of Keller & Schönwälder continues to be extremely productive, especially when cooperating with others. This cd shows that Micky Remann’s invitation during the Liquid Sound Festival in Bad Sulza in November 2003 could lead to the next electronic ‘jam’. It’s a bull’s eye for sure. As a musician, violinist Thomas Kagermann already has a long career behind him and he also could be heard on the "Contempory Works"-box by Klaus Schulze, which for many EM fans was their first introduction to his music.

At the end of the first piece "Alle Wasser laufen ins Meer" he sets in with spherical whining on the violin; some people may think this sounds out of tune but it certainly is in harmony with his performance on this rhythmic track that is filled with sequencers. Our own Bas Broekhuis cuts up roughly enough as a ‘beat sucker’, but to be honest I am used to more thrilling play by him.
On the second track, the vocals of Andrea Syphire Leonhardi set in and for most listeners it will be a case of ‘love it or loathe it’. The Arabic-flavored sound is daring, but becomes dull after just a few minutes.
The third track again displays a little more depth but the music isn’t really ablaze anymore. Maybe the internet-track "Intermezzo" is more worth listening to.

Summarizing, this is a queer little disc that has a powerful start but, after that, is unable to hold one’s attention any longer. "Liquid session" is a downright outsider in the catalogue of Detlef and Mario.

Wouter Bessels