1. Alfonso Parra - A Happy Trip
  2. Javier Garcia - Innerloops
  3. Raul Gonzalo - Secuencias MP3 soundclip of Secuencias [3:00]
  4. Francisco Miguel Domenech - Dreaming With Synthesis
  5. Retrovision - Helio 3 MP3 soundclip of Helio 3 [3:00]
  6. Blue Project Musica - Total Eclipse
  7. Aleix Riera - Pink Rain
  8. Vortexsoundtech - Swords Over The Sky
  9. Lightnet - Spiral Waters MP3 soundclip of Spiral waters [3:00]
  10. Jesus Calderon - Inside The Maze
Exoniqe is a Spanish electronic music compilation. The work done by Lightnet Music producing compilations like this one is a very commendable task because it offers us the wonderful opportunity to be able to listen to true jewels of electronic music developed by talented artists who not necessarily happen to be well known by a wide audience.

The contents of this album is as follows:
Alfonso Parra: "A Happy Trip". Javier Garcia: "Innerloops". Raul Gonzalo: "Secuencias". Francisco Miguel Domenech: "Dreaming With Synthesis". Retrovision: "Helio 3". Blue Project Musica: "Total Eclipse". Aleix Riera: "Pink Rain". Vortexsoundtech: "Swords Over The Sky". Lightnet: "Spiral Waters". Jesus Calderon: "Inside The Maze".

The styles vary depending on the authors, obviously, yet in all of them we can appreciate the bet they do for fresh music, free from any ties, which progresses through the most attractive areas of Synth-Pop, the most space-like aspects of New Instrumental Music, the most cybernetic of Techno and Space Sequencer Music. In conclusion, we find ourselves before an album that no fan of avantgarde electronic music should miss.

2004. Jorge Munnshe