1. Mountain Of Destiny
  2. Io Non Mori
  3. Vide Tre Facce
  4. L'omperador Del Doloroso
  5. Beatrice L'ame Infinie
  6. Beyond All Suns
  7. Death Of Medusa
  8. Modern Cave Man
  9. Till The End Of Silence
  10. A Ciello Della Luna
  11. L'era Della Venere
  12. Leaving
Tangerine Dream has never produced anything calculated to make the masses jump off their chairs and start screaming Top 40 tunes, but they have managed to have an immense impact in the world of Electronic and soundtrack music. Their 107 (and counting) studio, live and soundtrack releases have their own driving hypnotic pieces that might differ from release to release, but they are all uniquely Tangerine Dream.

2009. Press Information