1. Wave World - Sphere
    Videoclip (multimedia track)
  2. Gert van Santen & Marek Szulen - KOMP Remix
    Bonus track
  3. Neuron Gates - Open
  4. Daniel Bloom - Quark Family
  5. Slawomir Ruczkowski - Taniec Serc
  6. Artur Lasón - Znak Zasluchania
  7. Tracer - KD Code
  8. Wave World - Space
  9. Medusa - Beatt
  10. Wave World - Sphere
    Bonus track
Recorded live during KOMP 2001 festival in Kwidzyn, Poland by Marek 'mRqS' Szulen. The KOMP 2001 - LIVE album features highlights of the renowned KOMP 2001 festival for Electronic Music that was held in Kwidzyn, Poland, on June 15, 2001. This is Electronic Music as you will love it, from Berliner Schule and ambient soundscapes to poppy tracks à la Jean Michel Jarre! The album features tracks from Artur Lason, Medusa, Daniel Bloom, Neuron Gates, Slawomir Ruczkowski, and Wave World. As a bonus you will find an uplifting dance remix of all covered tracks, as well as the complete Wave World video-clip Sphere.
A wonderful album!

Jerry Russ