1. Ouverture [3:21]
  2. Prologue [2:23]
  3. Julia [2:21]
  4. Flying power [0:31]
  5. Adagio / Space / Italian concerto [4:59]
  6. Concerto [3:52]
  7. Space II [0:26]
  8. Pop giant / Space III [0:22]
  9. Feelings [3:09]
  10. Epilogue [0:57]
  11. Finale: Music for mind / Theme Julia [3:55]
RICK VAN DER LINDEN - Piano, spinet, xylophone, hammond organ, pipe organ, melotron, percussion
DENNIS WHITBREAD - Drums, kettledrums
REIN VAN DEN BROEK - Trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet
DICK REMELINK - Tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
MICHEL VAN DIJK - Vocals, percussion Beggar Julia's Time Trip was and is a fantastic record/cd; a journey through the time with Rick van der Linden's fantastic Group EKSEPTION. It was the second album of the group and the beginning of some fantastic years in which the group gave a lot of concerts all over the world.
Totally the group made 6 albums and after that Rick left the group and formed the group Trace with Jaap van Eik (base) and Pierre van der Linden (ex-Focus) on drums and that was in 1974. This lasted for some years and after this period Rick made a lot of solo albums until now.

2002. Bert Monster / The Netherlands I've loved the album ever since I first heard it, shortly after it came out.

2003. Dave / USA Excelente album, todavía lo escucho.-

2006. Jorge A. Caviedes / Buenos Aires- Argentina Wow! Really amazing. First heard in 1983 & still REALLY love it.

2006. John Roberts / New Zealand