1. BackSlider Part 7 [6:02]
  2. BackSlider Part 8 [8:05]
  3. BackSlider Part 9 [8:37]
  4. BackSlider Part 10 [9:16]
  5. BackSlider Part 11 [8:19]
  6. BackSlider II - Continuous Mix [39:28]
C-Jay now continues in 2022 where the original Bedrock album left off, with “BackSlider II” - placing the Dutchman squarely at the forefront of pioneering electronic music.

Five pieces of immaculately conceived sound design flow through a timeless 40 minutes as “Part 07” opens proceedings with its Tangerine Dream chord progressions and deliciously simple but effective arpeggio. A glistening and glassy motif then adds to the soundscape in a powerful and sumptuous opening movement.

“Part 08” continues the immaculate arpeggiated sound as a delicately skipping percussion lilts across the 8-minute piece, driven forward by a kick from the depths of the Laurentian Abyss. A simple bass groove adds gravitas, while shimmering melodies redolent in rich delays cascade in overlapping patterns to create a sensual and thickly textured and intoxicating sonic arrangement.

A cavernous bass presence emerges from “Part 09” while clicking and popping sounds provide an aural popcorn so buttery smooth it sounds good enough to eat. A spoken vocal sample pans the stereo spectrum with its subtle and instructive message while an arpeggiated backdrop is the perfect vehicle for a powerful analogue motif to sit atop in the latter stages in bright fluid motion.

Continuing the light percussive framework of its predecessor, “Part 10” quickly find its mark with a dense swirling atmosphere and smooth melodic interplay. Building effortlessly, an array of arpeggios coruscate across each other in rivulets over an intricately woven fabric where each thread is inextricably tied to another painting a dynamic sonic picture. A rasping bassline is introduced in the second half to devastating effect in a 9-minute tour de force that showcases C-Jay at his spine-tingling and expansive best.

“Part 11” is a joyous closing piece that revels in captivating melodies and fluttering soundscapes that gradually build into a string-infused masterpiece. With its glorious retro vibe, Vangelis inspired glissando builds and bright chords, C-Jay creates a sonic conduit of hope in troubled times that is the perfect end to the magnum opus that is “BackSlider II”