1. Quinoa [20:51]
  2. Ancient power plant [4:31]
  3. Speed Dragon [3:15]
  4. Oceanride [8:15]
  5. Sundance kid [6:27] MP3 soundclip of Sundance kid [3:00]
  6. Hamlet [8:09]
Cardboard sleeve reissue from Tangerine Dream.

All titles composed, produced and performed by Edgar Froese
The titles have been exclusively compiled 2007 from previous Tangerine Dream catalogue releases

Edgar Froese - guitar, drums, keyboards
Jerome Froese - percussion, drums, guitar, keyboards
Chris Franke - keyboards
Johannes Schmoelling - keyboards
Zlatko Perica - guitar
Linda Spa - keyboards

Part of a five-album Tangerine Dream cardboard sleeve reissue series featuring the albums "Autumn in Hiroshima," "Cyberjam Collection," "Ocean Waves Collection," "The Silver Siren Collection," and "The London Eye."

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