1. Kees Aerts & Ron Boots - The Sensation of the Vortex [9:18] MP3 soundclip of Sensation of the vortex (aerts, boots) [3:00]
  2. Jean Paul van Engelen & Robert Marselje - We've X-ed the line [8:38]
  3. Kees Aerts & Harold van der Heijden - Asylum [7:06] MP3 soundclip of Asylum (aerts, vd heijden) [3:00]
  4. Eric van der Heijden & Robert Marselje - Cryogenic Hypersleep [8:18]
  5. Ron Boots & Harold Teunissen - The Tears of the Insane bounce like bullets of my brain [9:58]
  6. Volker Rapp & Ron Boots - The last Busstop [5:19]
  7. Kees Aerts & Alpha Wave Movement - Alien Artifacts of Ice [7:00] MP3 soundclip of Alien artifacts of ice (aerts, awm) [3:00]
  8. Rene de Vreng & Johannes Munz - Current [6:48]
  9. Volker Rapp & Eric van der Heijden - Take 2, the 3rd [6:03]
Again some new couples of talented nowadays e-musicians were formed, which led to some amazing new compostions in the studio. A wide range of atmospheric and more rhythmic/sequencer oriented music is featured throughout the album, which makes up for over an hour of excellent electronic music that shouldn't be missed.

1997. Press information. When I sat down to listen to "The Truth is Twisted," the thought occurred to me that these guys were having loads of fun. (I have written that often about Ron Boots.) The liner notes confirmed it! Groove Records, assembled another elite line-up of Europe's finest electronicians to create the second album inspired by the "The X-Files."
Kees Aerts, Ron Boots, Jean Paul van Engelen, Robert Marselje, Harold van der Heijden, Johannes Munz and Eric van der Heijden all returned for a second shot. Harold Teunissen, Volker Rapp, Alpha Wave Movement (nee Gregory Kyryluk) and Rene de Vreng joined them for the fun.

The chance to create new music beyond their self-defined boundaries appealed to these artistes too. The sci-fi arena allows for expansive atmospheres and experimental textures not normally heard in "mainstream" European sequencer e-music. Do not misunderstand! This CD has plenty of sequences and loads of rhythmic ambience. The unique blend of those styles with the minimalist atmospheres more often associated with American e-music gives this album high marks for originality and creativity. The CD also features some cool voice samples, presumably from the show.

Jim Brenholts