1. Tunnel Vision [17:53]
  2. Eurasia [14:23] MP3 soundclip of Eurasia [3:04]
  3. Phase 3 [16:30] MP3 soundclip of Phase 3 [3:00]
  4. Piledriver [14:54] MP3 soundclip of Piledriver [3:00]
  5. Frozen Canal [8:40]
Track 1-4 composed by Boddy/Boots and recorded at the concert in De Landing, Eindhoven, The Netherlands on January 1, 1997
Frozen Canal composed by Boddy/Boots/v.d. Heijden during rehearsal in Ron's front room the day before the concert

Ian Boddy - Sequencing & Synthesizers
Ron Boots - Synthesizers & Ambiance
Harold v.d. Heijden - Drums & Percussion "Phase 3" is a live collaboration from Ron Boots, Ian Boddy and Harold van der Heijden. This trio has contributed much to the European ambient electronica scene through their Groove Records associations in the 1990's. Ian and Ron are legitimate superstars. Harold is a master ambient percussionist. This album has it all! The music ranges from dark and lush atmospheric ambient minimalism to up-tempo rhythmic ambience. The superstar and master tags are not wasted here. Ian, Ron and Harold perform to the nth degree. The album encompasses all that live ambience should be - introspective, challenging and diverse.

1999. Jim Brenholts The live-recording on this 70+ minuted CD contains the best qualities of 3 great musicians, using only analog electronic equipment. Ian Boddy brings some of the finest sequences you can imagine using his large MOOG System, while Ron Boots add his vast soundscapes and solos to it while talented drummer Harold van der Heijden fills in the rest by means of great dynamic rhythms and percussion. Highly acclaimed!

1997. Bert Strolenberg Great CD ! Very recommended. I won't say more.

2008. René van der Wouden / NL The combination of Ron Boots sublime style and Ian Boddy's majestic power (ably assisted by Harold van der Heijden on drums) is certainly an exciting prospect. The album contains 4 tracks recorded live at a New Year ('97) concert in Eindhoven, and a fifth piece recorded at rehearsals (in fact the only rehearsal!) in Ron Boots' front room the day before the concert.
Ian Boddy is on sequencing duties, driving his Roland modular system as he did so spectacularly at the Jodrell Bank concert. Ron Boots provides "synthesisers and ambience".

And speaking of Jodrell Bank, anyone who liked his magnificent second set (and that definitely includes me) will be totally bowled over by the 18 minute opener 'Tunnel Vision'. An extract of this masterpiece appears on the Sequences 17 CD. Here it's presented in reworked and extended form and it's a stunner. The rhythms are totally captivating and the complementary textural work is judged to perfection. Anyone who likes quality sequencer work must hear this.
'Eurasia' (14:25) takes over and again the quality is high. This has all the hallmarks of a Ron Boots sequencer special (though it seems Ian is on sequences?) with laid back tapestries of electronic pulsations layered over swathes of synth lines.
The accent is on floating atmospherics for the opening of 'Phase 3' (16.31). Soon a careful sequence is introduced accompanied by piano. The track develops as the synth lines get denser and the sequences more prominent, and the piece ends with a thoughtful piano refrains.
'Piledriver' (14:56) delivers more mesmeric sequences picked out on the 100M, the rhythm initially bringing to mind train tracks alá 'Trans Europe Express'. Real drums give the piece extra punch and provide the framework for more synth abandonment.
'Frozen Canal' (8:39) is a slow atmospheric lattice of percussion and synth detail and again the distinctive styles of each musician shine.

Two quality musicians producing quality EM. The opening track is simply stunning, and the rest of the album is no slouch either. A must.