Truth or dare (V/A) Groove Unlimited
  1. Ron Boots & John Dyson - The Fugitive [8:20]
  2. Kees Aerts & Airsculpture - Crossing the Road (Running Frog) [9:40] MP3 soundclip of Crossing the Road (aerts, airsculpture) [3:00]
  3. Robert Marselje & Jean Paul van Engelen - The Borders of Believe [8:36] MP3 soundclip of Borders of believe (marselje, engelen) [3:00]
  4. Syndromeda & Harold van der Heijden - The Secret of the Tribe [8:00]
  5. Johannes Munz & Rene de Vreng - (Limits of) Investigation [7:15]
  6. James J. Clent & Kees Aerts - Surfacing from Beyond [7:40]
  7. Ron Boots, Harold van der Heijden, Mario Schönwälder, Detlef Keller - Aliennation [7:43] MP3 soundclip of Aliennation (Boots,Heijden,Schonwalder) [3:00]
  8. Ian Boddy & Norman Fay - 23:59 [7:15]
  9. Ron Boots & Kees Aerts - The Silence of the Scream [8:30]
Part 3 of the "Truth" CD-series is digging even deeper into mysterious sound world inspired by The X-Files.
Several different couples of musicians were put together in the studio, and again the outcomes have turned out both unexpectedly & fantastic.
Newcomers on this album are the guys from Airsculpture and the talented musician James J. Clent.

1996. Press information. Do not, I repeat, DO Not, confuse "Truth or Dare" with the album of the same by Madonna. I am referring to the third CD inspired by "The X-Files." These folks have been having a blast making these albums. Fortunately for us, their talent level allows them to transmit that feeling to the listeners. Amid the mysterious, ethereal and eerie soundscapes I can HEAR the fun!
Returning to the studio were Ron Boots, Kees Aerts, Harold van der Heijden, Robert Marselje, Jean Paul van Engelen, Rene de Vreng and Johannes Munz. New to the line-up were John Dyson, Air Sculpture, Syndromeda (nee Danny Budts), James J. Clent, Mario Schonwalder, Detlef Keller, Norman Fay and the great Ian Boddy.

This amazing collection of electronic music takes us deeper into the mysteries and nuances of Scully's adventures. It also takes us into the quirky soundworlds of some of Europe's finest synthesists! The fun and playful sequences and atmospheres are here. The experimental and avante garde textures surrounds those qualities. The journeys are beyond the sci-fi. Deep listening extends the tendrils of this music into my heart and my soul. Not only is this great music, it is also a meditative and contemplative listening experience.

I also love the liner notes. My friend, Bill Fox host of E-Music on WDIY-FM, wrote a very inspired and humorous paragraph to introduce the CD:
They're at it again! The folks at Groove have put together a third CD of music inspired by "The X-Files" TV series. But this is no plot (buy this disc); there is no secret government agency behind it (this disc will improve your love life), only great electronic music. No subliminal messages (owners of this disc are cool) or methods of control (buy this disc NOW) are included. Truth or Dare?

Jim Brenholts