1. Overture [5:21] MP3 soundclip of Overture [3:00]
  2. Down By The River [9:20]
  3. Tibet [4:03]
  4. Remeniscences [7:39]
  5. E Cosi A Poco A Poco [6:24]
  6. Road To Nowhere [6:50]
  7. The Warning [5:43]
  8. Seaside Walk [4:16]
  9. A Tale Told By Night [7:46]
  10. Ferir Quel Petto [8:00]
  11. Finale [3:37]
Recorded & mixed between March and April 1993 in Moscow Gorky Film studio.
All music composed, arranged & performed by Artemiy Artemiev, except track 5 and 10 composed by Claudio Monteverdi and arranged & performed by Artemiy Artemiev.

Artemiy Artemiev - keyboards, drums, percussions, programming and bass (track 1-11)
Dimitriy Kutergin - violin on track 7 and 11
Michael Jakushev - oboe on track 3. Son of the famous Russian electronic music pioneer and film music composer Eduard Artemiev, it would seem that Artemiy has been taught a lot by his father. Artemiy, in fact, had been trying for some time to establish his own label, and has many other ambitions, in film, TV, etc. He's been rooting around the underground, contacting various musicians making synth and experimental music from around the world. Thus, we knew these CD's were imminent for some time. Anyway, in spite of the label name, Artemiy is a tasteful artist, and none of these are at all shocking, though they are each different in their focus.

"The Warning" is his debut album, in that it collects the earlier works here, and has been sitting on the shelves for 4 years. I understand there had been demo cassettes of this around for a while, but only now does it appear officially. "The Warning" shows up his influences extensively, in that he works a lot with film and TV, here his father's influence shows through in great use of melody and form. It's "picture music" really, and aptly you can associate the titles with the music easily. Hints of old Vangelis and recent Klaus Schuize abound, the former for the rich melodies, the latter in the use of sampling and unusual texture.

A little too pretty in parts for my taste, but as a debut it's not bad.

Alan Freeman / Audion "The Warning" is Artemiy's debut CD, its recordings dating from '92-93. Artemiev plays all keyboards, bass, drums, percussion and programming, and is joined by the occasional guest on violin and oboe. His approach here seems to owe a nod to the German masters, KS and early Tangerine Dream in particular, repetitive figures interwoven with floating melodies, as well as classical symphonic music. It seems to have been written with a concept in mind, as there are sound effects grafted between the tracks to underline some kind of story line.

Peter Thelen / Expose This was Artemiy Artemiev's debut album for "Electroshock Records", and it opens rather appropriately with "Overture", a very up tempo, upbeat introduction to his music. Compared to later work, this is almost conventional electronica, not too different to Jarre, Kitaro or Vangelis. "Down By the River" is more of a harbinger to later work: ambient sounds of synthesized animals and waves crashing topped by a slow melody that gently meanders for several minutes before it slides into "Tibet", a tone picture of this most troubled mystical country. Reminiscences is another upbeat track, slightly oriental-sounding percussion ripples the tune along. Throughout all the tracks are snatches of street sounds, horse and carriage, childrens' voices, church and hand bells, speeding cars and hawkers cries.

There are eleven tracks in total and they are all excellent - one can only be impressed at this debut album which announced the arrival of an important new composer and musician to the genre of electronic music.

John Peters / The Borderland This is his first album and it already shows what a talent Artemiy is. It contains versatile compositions from interpretations of classical works by Claudio Monteverdi to more rhythmical dynamic tracks. Iím not very keen on drawing parallels to other musiciansí works but sometimes it helps a person who isnít familiar with a certain artist to understand what to expect. So imagine very beautiful and diverse rhythmic music with sometimes hints of Klaus Schulze from around the same era and Tangerine Dream from the end of eighties. Just donít expect anything too similar to the above mentioned artists because this music certainly has itís unique atmosphere and bears the unmistakable Ďwritten by Artemiy Artemieví mark.

Artemi Pugachov Encyclopedia of Electronic Music (www.eem.hotbox.ru)