1. The Pels Syndicate - Everybody
  2. David Wright - China Calling
  3. Sylvain Carel - Nucleogenesis
  4. Robert Fox - Soundtrack For A Fantasy
  5. Steve Orchard - Realm
  6. Claudio Merlini - Autumn Leaves
  7. Bekki Williams - And She Held The Moon
  8. Glenn Main - Deep Within
  9. Richard Bone - Eucalyptico
  10. Divine Matrix - Fractal Dream
  11. Code Indigo - MELTdown SE
  12. Dead Beat Project - Memoires Astrales
  13. Dreamer Project - Ocean
  14. Geigertek - Girl Friday
'After Midnight' celebrates the 100th AD Music release and is a collection of previously unreleased instrumental, chill-out style tracks written especially to celebrate that landmark. Contributing artists include Code Indigo, Robert Fox, Bekki Williams, David Wright and many more who have pulled out all the stops on this one. There are no fillers here, just 14 memorable and varied compositions that provide a timely reminder, if one was necessary, of the depth of creative talent on AD Music. There is something here for everyone and listeners will discover each track an instrumental winner on a CD that will be on repeat play.

2012. Press Information The adventure AD Music began in 1989 with the publication of Reflections, the first album of its founder David Wright. Since then, the English label reached the high standards of artistic quality with a constant quest for new artists and new musical orientations, enriching so a catalog which covers all the spheres of contemporary EM. And it's the reflection of “After Midnight”. This last compilation of AD Music is an impressive artistic window where 16 artists reveal as much musical orientations which melt in the ears like oniric rustles.

The Pels Syndicate opens the ball with a technoïd track à la sauce Kraftwerk. The rhythm of "Everybody" jumps of its muffled pulsations from a loudspeaker to another around good orchestral arrangements of which the violent jolts chop the vocoder effects and the voices pads which melt into fine harmonious lassoes. "China Calling" brings us into David Wright's Asian romances. It's a long hypnotic track with dialogues in mute which draws its delicate rhythm around bongo kind of percussions and a bass line with chords pounding slightly in the harmonies of a melody flowing finely on a jerked debit. Sylvain Carel's "Nucleogenesis" jumps up softly in the furrows of Caravansary. Although less orchestral, the structure is just as much progressive with a latent rhythm which increases all in nuance in the mists and ethereal breaths of the Berber dunes where discreet sitar notes are dancing and shrilling under brief iridescent lamentations. It's one of the beautiful find from AD Music. "Soundtrack for a Fantasy" from Robert Fox brings us in the harmonious and romantic corridors of AD Music. The track is soft and very ethereal with a voice of goddess which sighs in the vapors of a dreamy piano. It's soft. It's also very melancholic. Steve Orchard's "Realm" is a delicate melody where fine Tablas percussions bear the harmonies of an acoustic guitar which espouses wonderfully orchestral arrangements weaved in melancholy. The "Autumn Leaves" of Claudio Merlini is another soft melody which soaks into some Eastern suspicions while that Bekki Williams' "And she Held the Moon" shows us Ireland with an approach very near the poetic aromas of Enya. After these 20 minutes of tenderness, Glenn Main's "Deep Within" awakens our weakened senses with a cosmic rhythm à la Jarre which swirls of its e-bass chords. The synth is melodious; astride New Age with its panpipes tones, it caresses the rhythmic jolts of a spherical rhythm.
It has been a while since I had heard Richard Bone. And "Eucalyptico" wears well its title with a light rhythm which cavorts in a plain very musical where harmony and simplicity are molding a catchy earworm. With its heavy rhythm crossed by a bass line with flickering pulsations, "Meltdown Se" from Code Indigo is a great teaser of the mythical English group upcoming album. Between a vertiginous cosmic ride and a good prog rock à la Porcupine Tree, the track is weaved in the heavy riffs and solos of a guitar whipped by a stroboscopic line of which the eroded contours embrace strong orchestral arrangements. It's very promising! Fans will love that one. As for me, the big find of AD Music is unarguably Divine Matrix, and the wonderful "Fractal Dreams" explains why. This streaked spiral which swirls in its cosmic elements is a jewel of New Berlin School. The tears of synth that are saddened all over it are crossing the soul to dance lasciviously in the trail of sequences to rotary a rcs. That's simply wonderful and very heart rending and that explains the craze that I have for his last album Atmospheric Variations. Dead Beat Project's "Memoires Astrales" is a good lunar down-tempo soaked of an enveloping woman voice which rests the subconscious, quite as the lounge tempo of Geigertek on "Chorus girl Friday" while that "Ocean" is a soft chill-out finely jerked by Dreamproject, the last acquisition of the English label. The downloadable version of “After Midnight” includes 2 bonus tracks among which a very beautiful ambient musical landscape in "Light Dream" from Acheloo. The movement is of a restful morphic peace of mind with a slow waltz of synth lines which sing and float in a quiet dream world. Paul Sills' "Parallel Dreaming" ends this very beautiful compilation with an intense track filled by this clanic approach of the peoples of sands which is in the heart of the last realizations of AD Music label that this compilation invites you to discover with 16 smal l jewels to the orientations as much diversified as your fantasias.

2012. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com