1. On The Greek Side Of My Mind [3:45] MP3 soundclip of On the Greek side [3:00]
  2. She Came Up From The North [3:25]
  3. Good Days Have Gone [3:43]
  4. We Shall Dance [3:33]
  5. I Know I'll Do It Again [2:45]
  6. Fire And Ice [4:33]
  7. End Of The Line [2:10]
  8. My Blue Ship's A-Sailin' [3:45]
  9. Mountains Beyond [4:12]
  10. O My Friends You've Been Untrue To Me [4:43]
  11. Lord Of The Flies [4:23]
  12. Without You [1:58]

    Bonus track:
  13. No Way Out [3:10]
Recorded in 1971 at Studio Gaite, Paris, France
Produced and arranged by Demis Roussos and Lakis Vlavianos. After 30 years of listening to music (mostly progressive rock and heavy metal), I find that I also enjoy Demis's albums from the 70's. This is undoubtedly some of the best popular music ever produced (along with Abba, maybe). One of my favorites is his first, "On The Greek Side Of My Mind". It is significantly less pop-influenced than his other albums and even has some progressive rock elements (no surprise since Demis was in Aphrodite's Child with Vangelis). The album flows very well and is an enjoyable listen, start to finish. Now if only we can get a label somewhere to reissue "My Only Fascination" from 1974, we'd be in pretty good shape.

2001. Unknown Demis you are strong, the best of the world. Grazie

2006. Josť Barbosa da Silva / Brazil Thank u very much demis when I here fire and ice I feel I feel I can't explain just I remember my own love and fly with your voice to the paradise I love u demis roussos all the alxandrenyans waiting for u

2006. osama mahmoud deweedar / alexandrya egypt