1. Voxel Ux
  2. Quinoa MP3 soundclip of Quinoa [3:00]
  3. Lhasa
First time offical release. Featuring the rare "Voxel Ux" track, and one completely new song This 50-minute CD compiles tracks from previous rare releases available only to fan club members, adding ten minutes of new material.
You get a strong dose of domineering ambience here. Ambient with a beat, often quite a driving beat. Swimming electronics and blood-quickening melodic.

The title piece, a 28-minute opus originally released in 1992 as a limited 1,000-disc fan club pressing, is filled with breathtaking peaks and churning rhythm. Dueling sequences of epic quality vie for the listener's attention.
"Voxel Ux" was originally the prize for an on-line competition on Tangerine Dream's Internet page in 1996. Until now, only one copy of this song existed, so you can all rejoice that this melodic composition is finally commercially available. Revel to its lush piano and calming temperament...just in time for it to switch gears and roll into an ascendant heavenly grandeur, punctuated by imperious percussion.
"Lhasa" is the new piece, being the first movement from the band's proposed "Tibetan cycle" project. Here, the sonics are predominantly softer, more contemplative, with sweeping electronics and snowflake accents. Expect no ethnomusical strains, for the "Tibetan" flair here is clearly inspired by lofty heights of chilly portend.

Matt Howarth