1. Good Old 4 On The Floor [24:00]
  2. J.E.M. [17:25]
  3. Overchill [29:24]

    Bonus tracks
  4. Ruins [4:34]
  5. Castles [4:15]
Klaus Schulze – electronics
Julia Messenger – vocals on ‘Overchill’
Thomas Kagermann – flute on J.E.M.

‘Crime Of Suspense’ is the second of 10 CDs that Revisited Records will make available separately now.
This CD was part of the Contemporary Works Box Set that Schulze released in 2000 just over the internet. Meanwhile the box is deleted.
With the first track ‘Good Old 4 On The Floor’ Schulze delivers a trance track classic with soul.
This track and the nearly half hour piece ‘Overchill’ are refined by the beautiful voice of Australian singer Julia Messenger.

Press Information And here we are again, 4 new Klaus Schulze reissues. Let’s just jump right in with the good news: they all sound great!
The packaging is as attractive as ever, Inside Out has done such a nice job with these. Also, it is interesting to read the new comments from both kdm and KS. Of course, as with the other KS reissues the hardcore fans will want to know if the bonus material is worth them buying these all over again. I would have to say yes emphatically when it comes to Irrlicht, as "Dungeon" fits beautifully here. Neither Schulze nor Mueller know the source of the recording, but regardless of exactly when it was recorded it matches up quite nicely.

On Are You Sequenced? the first disc is unchanged, but disc two is completely new, the 77-minute tour de force "Vat Was Dat?" A recording from 1993, dominated by a thumping beat, frenetic sequencing, and lots of opera samples. Though a fitting companion piece to disc one, it is a bit relentless, the beat dropping out only on rare occasions before pounding back in again, and not a lot of variety over the duration. It’s a long time for such high-energy music to go on unabated.

The bonus tracks on The Crime Of Suspense, "Ruins" and "Castles," appeared on the Adds & Edits disc in the original Contemporary Works I release. The only difference here is that they are allowed their own space without the crossfades, so each has an extra 4 or 5 seconds.

Dzeikuje Poland Live ’83 has two lengthy bonus tracks. "The Midas Hip Hop Touch" is a slightly different and 5 minute longer mix than appeared on The Jubilee Edition. Heavy on repetitive drums and low moaning, it is as challenging a listen here as it was in its original form. Faring much better is the 35-minute "Dzien dobry!" a live version of "Spielglocken" from Audentity. Though very similar to the 21-minute original there are differences, and given it is one of my favorite KS tracks I consider it a worthy addition to the set. But the best of the bonus tracks by far is "Dungeon." The 24 minutes starts with growling edgy drones, followed by long sustained synth strings, which form a melody for a time, but mostly they add depth to the other droning textures. It really is a very natural progression from the original Irrlicht tracks, taking a narrow range of sonic space and exploring it to the full. Later on there is some white noise that may or may not be a recording quality issue, but it fits quite well regardless.

It would have been a shame for this archival recording to not see the light of day. Thank you kdm and KS.

Phil Derby / Electroambient Space THE CRIME OF SUSPENSE was originally released in 2000 as the 2nd CD of "Contemporary Works 1". The bonus tracks will be the full length versions of "Ruins" (4:34), and "Castles" (4:15). Both KS solo bonus tracks are from the promotional CD "Essential Tracks".

Archie Patterson