1. To The Unknown Man [9:02]
  2. 12 O'clock [5:25]
  3. Bacchanale [4:38]
  4. Pulstar [5:48]
  5. Beaubourg (excerpt) [10:35]
  6. Dervish D. [5:13]
  1. Spiral [6:55]
  2. Alpha [5:45]
  3. Albedo 0.39 [4:22]
  4. A Way [3:35]
  5. Theme From "Cosmos" Heaven And Hell, 3rd Movement [4:03]
  6. So Long Ago So Clear (with Jon Anderson) [5:03]
  7. Ballad [8:26]
  8. Sword Of Orion [1:56]

All compositions by Vangelis except CD2 track 6 by Vangelis and J. Anderson
Arranged, performed and produced by Vangelis Excellent 2 disk compilation of inspiring classical, electronic and some rock.
For the most part better than original Cosmos LP.
Biggest pluses: Much greater length than original. Much better mixing. Drawbacks that keep this from rating a 5: Liked the mix of the Vangelis song Heaven and Hell from the original better than on this CD; sound effects between tracks annoying as they were in original; I agree with another reviewer that Aquarius track is annoying, but not that it doesn't fit, the song WAS in one of the Cosmos episodes (the one discussing so call astrology and the birth of astronomy), and the album is called Cosmos, meaning it covers life, the universe and everything to quote Douglas Adams.

Unknown Judging from the tracks on this double CD, I would say that this is a re-issue of the long gone 'To The Unknown Man' LP's RCA released in the early 80's as Volume 1 and 2 respectively!
This shows Vangelis' classic fusion of electronics and acoustic instrumentation with tinges of jazz, classical, rock and romanticism, pure and unmistakable when he was at his best, this double CD would a good start to anyone who is just new to Vangelis, unlike myself... I heard 'Heaven & Hell' when I was just 8 years old!! and a good few other EM artists around the mid 70's as well. Of course Vangelis has gone all classical on us, what a shame!!

2003. Dave / UK