1. Vidna Obmana - The transcending quest [19:37]
  2. Thom Brennan - The path not taken [19:20]
  3. Steve Roach - The dreamer descends [20:26]
Before only available as 3" limited CD single.
Vidna Obmana, Thom Brennan and Steve Roach originally created these tracks for the Amplexus Limited Edition Series, which presented 1,000 copies of each in an artistically-packaged, three-inch cd. Remarkably, on Projekt's compilation of these works, the pieces meld together like different legs of the same journey. Vidna Obmana and Steve Roach draw deeply from the tribal ambient well, while synthesist Brennan provides a driving, hypnotic sequencer voyage that effectively bridges the soundworlds of his two colleagues. This new Projekt release is another step in the label's dedication to presenting evocative music created on its own terms to wider audiences worldwide.
Vidna Obmana. This Belgian composer is known for serene and hauntingly beautiful creations. His 1996 Projekt release The River of Appearance has received rave reviews worldwide and further establishes his reputation at the forefront of atmospheric, space and ambient music.
Thom Brennan. Working at his own pace, Thom's musical output on CD has been minimal over the years, but the emotive quality is worth the wait. His first full-length recording, Mountains (originally released in 1987 and re-released in 1993), maintains a timeless beauty and originality. His follow-up to Mountains, titled Beneath Clouds, was out in 1997 on Italy's Arya (the sister label of Amplexus). Steve Roach. A name synonymous with on-the-edge innovation in tribal-ambient, atmospheric-space and other genre defying sonic activities over the past 20 years,. His evocative soundworlds, heard on over 30 releases, have earned him the respect and admiration of listeners worldwide.

1996. Press information In 1995, Amplexus released a series of limited edition 3-inch cds, each featuring the work of a single artist. Fortune has smiled on those who missed the limited releases. The pieces by vidna Obmana, Thom Brennan, and Steve Roach have been assembled and re released on Amplexus. The work of these three tribal/ambient artists makes the tightest compilation album I have heard in years. All three edits, which last about 20 minutes each, are absolutely superb.
Vidna Obmana and Steve Roach produce tracks reminiscent of their Well of Souls collaboration, although the differences in these two masters of ambience are evident on close listening.
Obmana's "The Transcending Quest" has tribal percussion superimposed by a wash of electronics and conveys the life and mystery of far eastern tropical jungles, while Roach, with his slower undulation and tidal percussion presents open, desolate sonic landscapes striking in their stark beauty.
The surprise for me on this album was the track by Thom Brennan. "The Path Not Taken" has a steady trance-like drumming with a slow, almost lilting overlay of music and ambience.
Regardless of the distractions around me, I cannot play the piece without it pulling me in. Amplexus is a superior ambient release, and will serve as an excellent introduction to the artists' work (for novice listeners) as well as delight the most discriminating of their fans.

Jeff Johansen