1. The Return Of The Time [7:47]
  2. Flow Paths [7:19]
  3. Scope Of Mind [6:59]
  4. Meshwork [6:12]
  5. Code To Zero [5:59]
  6. Polar Circles [6:05]
  7. Alien Sitcom [7:32]
  8. Hinterland [6:32]
  9. Mombasa (Touareg Remix) [9:38]
When Edgar and Jerôme met in Berlin in October 2009, they easily came to the decision to start a new common project: The release of a further DREAM MIXES album! As so many of you have been asking for this continuation of dynamic remixes since a long time, the project now materialized. Enjoy a couple of timeless TD tracks in a very new and cool dress!

Press Information Hey-ho sailors, ship ahoy! A new Dream Mixes CD will soon enter the harbor of desire.

Actually, the work on this episode has already started 1 1/2 years ago when I was in the vein for a different sound than "Guitartronica". Just for fun (like in 1995) I created a few demos with some hints for a DM like release, although it may seem absurd, because I hadn't worked with TD for about three years now. But while playing I noticed very fast: That's a fun thing to do. When DM4 came out in 2004, I thought: "This is the best and therefore the final release of the series" cause everything went very well musically. So it was a personal challenge for me working on this project which ought to be able to keep pace with the last one(s). Finally, in summer 2009, I've met Edgar in Austria and played parts of this extravaganza (LOL) to him with the result that a few months later and some more polishing on the material, we've decided to spread this music to a wider public.

Plainspoken, DM5 has no focus on dancefloor or fast forward style anymore, it's rather a question of moods, sounds and senses with a carefree attitude ( ... but of course there are some exceptions).

Jerome Froese WOW!! This is THE BEST "TD" release in ages think. I say "TD" as 8 tracks are Jerome and only one is Edgar but none seem to have been actually composed and recorded together. Jerome's tracks are quite simply stunning though.

"The Return of Time" (track 1) may well be my favorite track of all time. Seriously. It IS that good. Edgars's Mombasa remix is also pretty damn good.

This cd is a triumph.

2010. Matthew 'New songs in a new cool dress". I doubt I could have said it better myself. The music on TD's new 'Dream Mixes' CD is more infectious than ever before. We get to hear many old classics here but in a all new rendered style. They are all very well structured, and relies very much on the good old TD sound we recognize and love so much, only this time the sound have gotten a touch-up and does indeed sound very refreshing to my ears. There is something for everyone on this CD.

If you want something with similar style to late 70's to early 80's TD music then listen to 'Flow Paths'. If you're more into the 80's oriented melodic side of TD then the track 'Scope of Minds' (my favourite) is for you, with it's melodic hooks and infectious sequencing. And if a more fast paced atmosphere is for you then go for 'Hinterland', as this track really shows off some nice well balanced rhythms,beats and moods along with some incredible sequencing.

That said, this CD offers the listener a great variety of TD music. It is probably the most versatile mix of TD stuff out there these days. And having listened to all the 'Dream Mixes' CD's, all I can say is, this is the best of them all!
Most impressive and highly recommended!

2010. Kristian Persson / Sweden