CD #1
  1. Little Blond In The Park Of Attractions (The Thai Dub)
  2. Rough Embrace
  3. Touchwood (The Forest Mix)
  4. Jungle Journey (Reptile Mix)
  5. Virtually Fields
  6. Firetongues (The Break Freak Mix)
  7. San Rocco
  8. Catwalk (Dress Up Mix) MP3 soundclip of Catwalk (Dress Up Mix) [3:00]
  9. Change Of The Gods
  10. Bride In Cold Tears (The Motown Monk Mix)
    CD #2
  1. Little Blond In The Park Of Attractions (Radio Edit)
  2. Touchwood (Radio Edit)
  3. Catwalk (Black Ink Mix)
  4. Touchwood (Poison Byte Mix)
  5. Iowa
  6. Sojus
Six remixes and four brandnew tracks, contains bonus cd with two club mixes and another two completely new songs. Techno, ambient, and trance have exemplified the pop-capacity of electronic music for a handful of years now, yet truly lasting compositions have not exactly been abundant in the movement.

Now, in the mid 1990s, one of the groups that brought synthesizers to the forefront of music (and who has been copied, sampled, covered, etc.) takes the influences of dance head-on. The result is frankly amazing. It is as if seasoned, visionary musicians picked up some of the same tools ambient groups have only been fooling around and showed everybody, "Well, this is how it can be done."
The Dream Mixes single handily show what can be done with loops, beats, breaks, stabbing synth lines, and effects when in the hands of geniuses.

The two-disc version is on TDI from Germany, the single disc version is from Miramar in America.

2002. Bradford Warner / SoundDesign