1. Towards the Dream [7:09]
  2. The Continent [4:47] MP3 soundclip of The Continent [3:00]
  3. Songline [3:01]
  4. Airtribe Meets the Dream Ghost [7:07]
  5. A Circular Ceremony [11:18]
  6. The Other Side [13:11]
  7. Magnificent Gallery [6:02]
  8. Truth in Passing [8:49]
  9. Australian Dawn (The Quiet Earth Cries Inside) [6:17]
    CD #2
  1. Loooking For Safety [31:17]
  2. Through a Strong Eye [6:50]
  3. The Ancient Day [6:07]
  4. Red Twilight With the Old Ones [9:50]
  5. The Return [8:33]
Steve Roach (synthesizer, Taos drums, sticks, sequencer, samplers)
Kevin Braheny (Steiner electronic woodwind instrument)
David Hudson (digeridoo)
Robert Rich (gourd drums, dumbek)
Chuck Oken Jr. (rainstick) Dreamtime Return 24-bit digital remaster with additional artwork. Also available as part of THE DREAMTIME BOX.

Since its release in 1988, DREAMTIME RETURN has earned its reputation as a genuine classic. The two-CD Magnum Opus is perhaps the most important, widely known and highly respected release in Steve Roach's vast body of work. it serves as an essential benchmark within the Ambient-Ethno-Atmospheric genre. DREAMTIME RETURN still sounds like a transmission from the near future and the very distant past. Roach's travels in the Australian outback, along with studies of the Aboriginal Dreamtime, and his desert walkabouts in California were the lifeblood for this recording which still defies the boundaries of genre classification 17 years after its release...
This 2005 edition has been lovingly remastered using a 24-bit process, and sounds better than ever. It also features never-before seen photos from Steve's Australian adventure during the making of this recording.

Press Information Musically DREAMTIME RETURN richly deserves its classic status, but Roach also deserves credit for leading electronic musicians out of their sheltered studios and into an active relationship with the landscape, the wider world, and deep cultural history.
The whole genre is stronger and more relevant for his example.

Stephen Hill / Hearts of Space Steve Roach demonstrates that electronic music's greatest potential may lie in bringing our most elusive dreams and ancient memories into focus through potent, highly imaginative soundscapes.
This is without question Steve Roach's masterpiece.
10-10 rating.

CD Review Long established as a classic, 1988’s Dreamtime Return is now lovingly reissued with careful 24-bit remastering by Steve Roach, and an expanded booklet with previously unseen photos from around the time of the original recording. It looks and sounds excellent.

"Towards the Dream" remains one of my favorite compositions by Steve ever, and it makes a great beginning. So familiar now, back then it was a revolutionary blending of Berlin school sequencing with Roach’s now famous primitive elements. His surreal fusion of music of the future and of the past virtually single-handedly invented the tribal ambient genre, or at the very least brought it to the forefront of the music scene.
Dreamtime Return also showed Steve’s continuing strength in developing long-form works, as he had previously done on Quiet Music and Structures From Silence.
The 31-minute "Looking For Safety" is a beautifully subtle spacious piece that melts into the background of whatever you find yourself doing while you listen.
"Through the Strong Eye" is full of deep sounds that echo into infinity, a hint of what would come several years later on The Magnificent Void.
And then there’s the wonderful ending, "The Return", which I now associate with the softly rolling waves at the end of Steve’s Day Out Of Time video.

The use of silence is as effective as the sounds. It is the stuff of dreams, as much today as it was 17 years ago.

Phil Derby / Electroambient Space This album arose from Steve’s re-encounter with his older music from the 1988 DREAMTIME RETURN, which he was updating for re-release. In doing so, he came up with new music inspired by the mood and instrumentation of the old.

Hannah M.G. Shapero / Ambient Visions