1. Snowflakes are Dancing [2:13]
  2. Dawn Chorus [5:41]
  3. Bolero [9:16]
  4. Ballet of the Chicks in their Shells [1:09]
  5. Reverie [4:46]
  6. Gardens in the Rain [3:43]
  7. Footprints in the Snow [4:26]
  8. A World of different Dimensions [2:05]
  9. Arabesque no.1 [3:59]
  10. Infernal Dance of King Kastchei [4:07]
  11. The Girl with the Flaxen Hair [3:21]
  12. The Great Gate of Kiev [5:55]
  13. PassePied [3:19]
  14. The Old Castle [5:16]
  15. Whistle Train [4:06]
  16. Promenade [1:34]
  17. Golliwog's Cakewalk [2:54]
  18. Canon of three Stars [5:49]
BMG compilation.
Digitally Remastered Compilation of the Synthesizer Pioneer's Albums for Red Seal. This anthology, which tries to sum up Isao Tomita's recordings for the Red Seal Label, actually managed to give a fairly complete panorama of his work.
Tomita can be thought of as the precursor of ambient music - but unlike people who think that ambient is a sustained 23 minute sine wave, here music has DIRECTION. Granted, most of the stuff is synthesized renditions of "impressionistic" classical works, but the imaginative use Isao makes of his array of synths (most of this stuff was recorded in the early 70's, so we're talking about modular synths mainly - long before computer programming was available).
The sonic palette fits perfectly, and he makes good use of repetitive arpeggiator sequences to get a pulse going - and then he works his magic, specially in the arranging department.
A truly unique - and sadly underestimated - artist.

2000. rootwitch / Brazil