1. Leaving the Pod [7:57]
  2. Perhaps... [5:20] MP3 soundclip of Perhaps [3:00]
  3. Another Moon [9:55]
  4. Blessings [6:33]
  5. Kintyre to Skye [8:50] MP3 soundclip of Kintyre to Skye [3:00]
  6. Zephyrs and Eddies [5:09]
  7. Retro 82 [7:49] MP3 soundclip of Retro 82 [3:00]
  8. Showers [4:11]
  9. Heights [2:01]
  10. Darklight [10:37]
Studio album.

After another slight disillusionment with the music scene, especially in the UK and with problems at his work, JD had another ‘break from it all’. He was looking after friends and family also at this time and whilst he continued to record pieces into the computer etc he did not ‘feel’ it was the right time for any further releases. This, combined with the passing of his friend, Joe, and a subsequent difficult time meant that all was ‘put on hold’.
A ‘big’ move of home to Scotland in 2004 was also a factor in this ‘quiet’ period (there were ‘too many’ wires to sort out in the studio when we got here! JD), He was invited to a ‘25th’ anniversary’ (of UKE) in Dundee (Scotland) by Andy Garibaldi in 2008 and met up with old friends. The result was that it inspired him to continue and work on material in the studio once more.
This album is the outcome and has been inspired by both the ‘always present’ question he was asked; “where does your music come from as you cannot read music and are not trained?” and, as always, the wonders of the Universe. (His niece, Lynne heard him working on the title track and it inspired her to write the words for it!). JD says that perhaps this is where it comes from...maybe he’s right.

Press Information This is without a doubt John Dysons best album to date. Here he implements the craftsmanship of dynamic electronic grooves combined with some very ethereal and lush sounding synths & guitar work, which in return creates an almost symphonic experience.

Compared to his other CD's, this one has a slightly different approach to it in terms of melody and structure. This time Dyson is leaning more towards the vibes of what Tangerine Dream did back in the days. Some very good highlights/examples are the songs "Retro 82" and "Showers" which indeed showcases that Dyson's ability to create music with a new twist and creativity is a fact.
So if you thought electronic music was monotone, then you are terribly mistaken. This CD is a superbly well-crafted extravaganza not to be missed by any fan of instrumental music. It has everything you could possibly expect from a Dyson album and more!

This is what I would call "the new generation of electronic music". Highly Recommended, especially for the fan base of Tangerine Dream & Jim Pietkivitch. Must Buy!!

2009. Kristian Persson / Sweden John Dyson was the former leading light of Wavestar a UK EM pioneers who made several excellent subsequent solo albums. His gift for powerful melodies and multi-layers of sound is unparalleled and DARKLIGHT incorporates those elements into an absolutely magnificent soundscape full of brilliant tone colors and spatial laser sound effects

Archie Patterson As John Dyson points out in the liner notes, Darklight comes 25 years after Mind Journey, his debut as Wavestar with the late Dave Ward-Hunt. Since that time, both as part of Wavestar and as a solo act, Dyson has released a number of well-received albums in the tight-knit EM community, all with his signature warmth and optimism. Those who think synthesizer music sounds cold and unfeeling have clearly never heard a Dyson recording.

Darklight, despite its name, is as light and uplifting as his prior works. There are melancholy moments here and there, as on the sweet, sad strings of "Perhaps," but even then the music remains enchanting. Soaring strains of guitar like synth leads add an epic feel to "Another Moon," while ethereal choirs add just the right airy quality to "Blessing." Everything seems to work, even synth bagpipes on "Kintyre To Skye," with pizzicato strings and light sequencing. "Retro 82" is a superb flashback sure to conjure waves of nostalgia for Berlin school fans, as is the excellent title track to close out the disc.

Darklight is full of thoughtful, carefully crafted compositions with melodies that will linger long after the album stops playing.

2010. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space