1. Uuu 111
  2. Uub 112
  3. Uut 113
  4. Uuq 114
  5. Uup 115
  6. Uuh 116
  7. Uus 117
  8. Uuo 118
  9. Uun 119
  10. Lúltime atome
The theme of this CD is an immersion in the microscopic world of atoms, in search of the one that is not yet known! "Physicists are rarely poetic when it comes to naming atomic particles ! And the names of the temporary atoms are even less so. These purely theoretical atoms do not exist naturally, but researchers are convinced that they will bring them to life. They will then change their surname, and will generally take the name of the discoverer. They are called Uuu 111 for Ununium (un = 1 + 1 + 1), Uub 112 for Ununbium (1 + 1 + bi = 2), Uut 113 for Ununtrium (1 + 1 + 3 = tri), etc.

Scientific but not very glamorous! Uun 119 is not yet part of history, it must be at the bottom of a notebook of a brilliant physicist... And what about the “ultimat atom” ? The particle that germinates in the brain of a mad scientist, or a mere dreamer, or maybe in the imagination of an electronic musician ? " It is always difficult to translate into simple words the music which one likes because as Klaus Schulze said when he spoke about MIRAGE: " I have difficulty in finding right words, I am a musician not a poet"

The bombast of the first track, Uuu 111 with its dramatic intensity that quickly comes to counterbalance a soothing chorus. The Smoothing Uub 112 with its ethereal choirs. Then Minimal Uut 113. The magnificently sequenced track Uuq 114 The track Uuup 115 : majestic ! Uuh 116 with its nice sequence and its hypnotic rhythms. Uuo 118 with its crystal notes all in echos and reverbs. Uun 119 and its slow and repetitive pattern. And finally the delicate and soothing "The ultimate atom" Magnificient !

We think of course to Paul Sauvanet (Alpha Lyra never denied this major influence) but also to other talentuous pioneers of the genre like Daniel Blanchet or Constance Demby.

About the nice cover I don't know who realized it but the idea of this blue border like an old book is very nice and reminds me the binding of an old book (why not " one, two, three the infinity " by George Gamow ?) And these atoms dancing on cover could be as well galaxies so much the Infinitesimal world looks like the infinitely Big.

This last opus shows again the maturity and talent of Christian to create magnificent "soundscapes"

A big BRAVO to you, Christian for this "Ultimate Atom": it is an excellent CD!

This is the ideal music to reach a state of awakened consciousness. An highly recommended sonic 61 minutes of pure delight!

2017. Alain Lamri / France