1. Cool Shibuya [3:54]
  2. Culpa Levis [10:08] MP3 soundclip of Culpa levis [3:00]
  3. Sad Merlin's Sunday [8:49]
  4. Exit [4:33]
  5. Elf June and the midnight Patrol [4:42]
  6. Forth Worth runway one [5:30]
  7. Order of the Ginger grid [9:07]
  8. Iguana [5:35]
  9. At Darwin's motel [7:31]
  10. United Goblins parade [5:47]
All titles composed, produced and performed by Edgar Froese
The titles have been exclusively compiled 2007 from previous Tangerine Dream catalogue releases

Listen to this record at 5 pm when the afternoon sun falls noiseless on the carpet of your private flat - past, present and future will melt to that what really happens: That very moment when time seems to be absent nothing can disturb you. It's just consciousness and sound that could be more than the sum of yourself. Sounds crazy? True, because it's so close to reality - your reality.
PS: All tracks on this compilation are completely remastered!

Press Information First, this record is a MUST HAVE! for any TD fan out there, as there are some really awesome tracks on this new release. A few of the songs are remastered songs from previous releases, but there are also a few newcomers. The best track IMO is Iguana, which reminds me of Jean Jarre's song "Moon Machine", but here we get electric guitars instead of just punching synth drums (which Jarre used in "Moon Machine") which is really nice to here again! I mean, when was the last time you heard Edgar on electric guitar these days on new releases? However, this track is excellent and shows just what TD is all about once again. I bought the cd for this track only as it really stands out from the rest! Now on to the other new tracks.
There are four other tracks and they are "Cool Shibuya", "Culpa Levis", "Forth Worth runway One", and last "Order of the Ginger Grid" and all of them takes us back to TD's heydays somewhere around the late 70's early 80's, and I can only say that those songs are totally mindblowing as well!!
They remind me a lot of the Logos & Force Majeur albums. They are just that good! So, what can I say. If you're into the Logos stuff and/or early 80's TD then this record is a must have, even though we already heard the other remastered songs from earlier 90's albums.
Grab it while it's hot!

2007. Kristian Persson / Sweden