1. The Passage of Moments [6:40] MP3 soundclip of The Passage of Moments [3:00]
  2. Trancendences [8:57] MP3 soundclip of Transcendences [3:00]
  3. Melting Boundaries [2:52] MP3 soundclip of Melting Bounderies [2:42]
  4. Terra Nocturna (Eros) [6:50]
  5. Artifacts & Prophecies [7:12]
  6. Gateway [4:37]
  7. Veil of the Twilight Moon [10:54]

    Bonus tracks:
  8. In Zero Gravity
  9. The Evolution of Dawn
The first full length cd of Alpha Wave Movement music. This is a amalgm of my music styles however the space/ambient side is most dominant. The CD contains some of my best music to date reminicent of older Berlin electronic music as well as hints of trance/techno. Although I will use techno as a basis for the description it really does not adhere totally to the style of music represented. There is too much equipment to mention although I will like readers to know the older Korg equipment dominates alot of the tracks.

1998. Gregory Kyryluk

Bonus material recorded during the Transcendence sessions 1995-96.

2006. Gregory Kyryluk "Transcendence" opens with a pulsing bass line while subtle synths swirl in the background.
I was thinking, "Fairly standard ambient stuff." Then, a cool guitar sound comes in along with another synth washing over you. That's when I realized that this debut release from Alpha Wave Movement was something different and special.

The first song, "The Passage of Moments" is a great ambient cruiser, combining the patient washes of synthesizer with an increasingly insistent rhythm of bass drum and synth bass, all with that great guitar sound. It's more accessible than I can describe because the elements work so well together. The music is not particularly dark, which I'm personally grateful for, but it's not lightweight either. It's trippy, spacy, and very infectious. It's also very fluid, in that it's constantly morphing and never stays the some for long.

The title track starts out very hauntingly, with mysterious synth noises and minor key washes in the background. Then a bubbly synth tone enters and we're into some seriously cool ambient dub music. The rhythms are subdued at first (another plus in my book) but the song is still more of a cruiser than a chill-out piece. Eventually, the dub presence becomes more pronounced, but it's always pleasantly in the background. The recording quality on the whole CD is very good,crystal clear and well mixed.

There's a lot of stuff going on here. I'd recommend headphones for this recording, at least for one of your first listens.

For comparison's sake, Alpha Wave Movement's music is more indicative of the less frenetic ambient dub artists. If you like a lot of the stuff on the first two Baramundi samplers, this release is a good bet. However, "Transcendence" has the added benefit of longer songs (only two of the seven cuts are less than six minutes long) and the production is richer by far than many offerings on ambient dub samplers.

There's the beautiful cascading sounds and washes of "Terra Nocturna" with its great synth bass undercurrent counterpointed by synth piano, and the eerie "Artifacts and Prophecies" which starts out like space music and then morphs into a slow rhythmic descent into darkness and otherworldly percussive elements. The album closer, the ten minute-plus "Veil of the Twilight Moon" is more in a floating mode than most of what comes before. Synth chords fade in and out and a warm feeling is evinced through the sustained synth washes that ebb and flow. After all the beats and rhythms, choosing this as the last song seems appropriate so the listener can truly "chill out" and float into a relaxed stateof being.

Clearly, Alpha Wave Movement (who already has at least one newer release out) is a rising star on the horizon where ambient dub, ambient, and electronic music meet. I hope that "Transcendence" is merely the beginning of a long career. We'll be fortunate indeed if that is the case.

1998. Bill Binkelman / Wind and Wire The 1995 recording of Transcendence is a classic electronic music album, and this 2007 reissue includes two bonus tracks from the same time period.

Starting with the pulsing bass tones of "The Passage of Moments," this is a wonderful opening track, light and airy with just the right melodic touches.
"Transcendences" features a cool bubbly sequence that pings back and forth hypnotically. Thumping bass and beats add interest but still keep things soft.
The repetitious electronic sounds of "Melting Boundaries" have mechanical precision but warmth as well.
"Terra Nocturna" floats slowly along with a touch of melancholy.
One of my favorites is the lively bouncy "Artifacts & Prophecies," whose shuffling beat and catchy tune is the sort that stays in your head all day long.
The original disc closed with "Veil of the Twilight Moon," an ethereal piece that seemed a perfect closing. As such the bonus tracks feel like an epilogue, but they still fit rather well.
"In Zero Gravity" fades in soft and low and maintains a relaxed pace throughout.
"The Evolution of Dawn" is lighter still, and works well as the new conclusion for this new and improved version of a classic.

2007. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space