1. Part II - Gathering of the Spirits [3:31]
  2. Part III - Spirits of the Earth [1:13]
  3. Part IV - Sunrise [4:49]
  4. Part V - Spring of Eternal Youth [3:14] MP3 soundclip of Spring of eternal youth [0:45]
  5. Part VI - The Mountain Sleeps [4:08]
  6. Part VII - Goblin [0:41]
  7. Part VIII - Edge of Eternity [3:43]
  8. Part IX - For Ever and Ever [6:12]
  9. Part IV - (Reprise) Sunset [2:14]
  10. Part X - I'm On My Way [3:28]
  11. Part XI - Where my Heart is [3:22]
A friend of Kerr's gave him the idea of releasing an LP himself, and in March 1983 the big moment had arrived! Kerr ordered 1000 copies of "Cathedral", and a friend, Robert Moens, promoted it for him in The Netherlands. The KRO-TV played Kerr's music just a few hours after they had received the record!
A few days later, the Dutch radio program "Popstation - NCRV" gave it a rave review. A Dutch Airline, Air Holland, used the title "I'm on my Way" on their 'Inflight Entertainment' music channel.

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