1. 1st Movement: 500 Years [2:52]
  2. 2nd Movement: Deep Illness Of Love [6:11]
  3. 3rd Movement: Promenade [4:56]
  4. 4th Movement: The Power Of Your Smile [3:20]
  5. 5th Movement: Numerica [3:19]
  6. 6th Movement: The Maze [8:05]
  7. 7th Movement: Extreme Limits [15:22]
  8. 8th Movement: Au Revoir [2:59]
Digitallly re-mastered between February and October 1989.
Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Michel Huygen. A 1990 work from one of Spain's premier electronic space music artists. Fronted by Michel Huygen, this contains what he refers to as 'psychotronic' music. The music is less upbeat than Tangerine Dream and the like, though it has those moments too. The emphasis is on more free flowing chord textures, similar in style to Richard Burmer, but with an undeniable European sensibility.

Dirk Evans