1. In Praise of Innocence (Henriėtte) [4:57]
  2. Like a Moth to the Frame [5:25]
  3. Now or Never [3:26]
  4. In And Out of Clouds [8:32]
  5. (A Little) Piece of Mind [4:11]
  6. As Ships in the Night [4:24]
  7. A New Day's Dawning [2:45]
  8. From Kingdom Come [4:48] MP3 soundclip of Kingdom come [2:59]
  9. You and Me (Together We're Free) [4:32]
  10. Auf Wiedersehen [3:51]
  11. We Can Build Castles (In The Sky) [9:52]
  12. Love You [2:20]
Composed, performed and produced by John Kerr. Castles in the Sky - A CD with music that has prompted a lot of positive reviews:

--"The sounds of glass and silk" reported a German newspaper.
"John's Castles in the Sky convinces you that you can fly".
--The Dutch press reviewed it as "...after the enormous success of Kerr's "Norland", "Castles in the Sky" more than satisfies my greatest expectations." Stunning, powerful, yet relaxing music. I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks electronic music is second-rate to "real" instruments.
This will remain one of my all-time favorite albums.

2006. Don Gorney / USA