disc one
  1. infinity hall [46:40]

    disc two
  2. vanishing point [47:44]
  3. the main and great proposition [16:32]
Vanishing Point volume 2 is the (predictable) sequel to last year's volume one. Whereas the first disc was assembled from various live and broadcast performances, volume two focusses entirely on the Gatherings concert at St. Mary's, Hamilton Village in Philadelphia. Like the TranceAtlantic album that also featured live music from this venue (8 years earlier) it covers a wide range of electronica from delicate introspective pieces that the church environment inspires, to the band's trademark massive sequencer excursions and synthetic abstractions.
The concert is presented in full, as a double CD (glass mastered).

recorded in concert at the gatherings
Philadelphia, USA
Novermber 2011