1. Vivaldi
  2. Le Visage
  3. Atomium
  4. Hope
  5. Idea
  6. Sarajevo 92
  7. Soyuz One
  8. Moongate
  9. Victory
  10. Justinianus
This is Masive Music, fast, melodic, fat sounding and a fantastic listen. Not for the feint hearted but if you like fast paced Seqencer build Synths with great Sounds.

Masiva is one of the concepts of central importance in Sufism. In Arabic, Ma: “thing“, Siva: means “another Arap. It is the name given to all creatures and divine system created outside Allah. The wisdom of existence is considered a secret.

As a composer I perceived Masiva as the whole of the things that have been achieved so far in the world history scene in the context of reason, logic, science and the development and evolution of humanity. For me, the strongest mana in this perception is the concept of en art and music ruh which is the expression of the human soul.

We have witnessed the emotions of centuries ago with your imaginary - tales in my previous epic albums. Now, I'm designing the Music of the Future ... After my electronic music albums published in Europe, I designed a sound in the happiness and excitement modes of the heart rhythm in this album to reveal a new sensation experience in my country.

I wish all my works in the album to be a friend of Can anlar

Can Atilla.

In the 70-minute album, which includes 10 tracks, there are 8 new pieces of Can Atilla's previous works, Idea and Vivaldi, as well as electronic music arrangements. Can Atilla's Masiva.