1. Das Fest Ist Zu Ende. Aus. [43:52]
‘Das Fest ist zu Ende. Aus.’ is the third CD-release on the Barooni label from the German sound pioneer Asmus Tietchens. The first two releases are ‘Sinkende Schwimmer’ (BAR 004) and ‘Notturno‘ (BAR 007). To date, Tietchens has about 20 releases to his name.

Between his 15th and his 25th year Asmus Tietchens recorded his daily impressions on tape like a diary. ‘Das Fest ist zu Ende. Aus.’ is a unique and very personal collage with electronically treated ghosts of the past: old friends speaking at parties, the neighbour singing songs at new year‘s eve and sounds recreating the atmosphere which surrounded the young Tietchens. ‘Das Fest ist zu Ende. Aus.’ is not a product of sentimental retrospection. 30 years ago it was already good to be distanced as far as possible from the future.

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