1. Cephaloastral [8:06]
  2. Dreifarbig Bomber [5:35]
  3. Angstrom [6:28]
  4. The Girl From Planet X [5:03]
  5. Overlander [5:14]
  6. May [3:49]
  7. The Furnace (Anvil Remix) [7:32]
  8. The Last Sundown [4:39]
  9. The Chase [5:14]
  10. Belvedere [4:43] MP3 soundclip of Belvedere [4:43]
  11. Sundance [6:00]
  12. Sayonara '83 [4:30]
Composed, produced and performed by Andy Pickford

Tracks 1 and 7 recorded during 1994 as part of the GPR sessions.
Tracks 2, 5, 8, 9 and 11 recorded 1993-1994 as part of the Terraformer sessions.
Track 3 recorded autumn 1994 as part of the Maelstrom sessions.
Track 4 recorded 1992-1993 as part of the Replicant sessions.
Track 6 recorded in 1985.
Track 10 recorded in 1991.
Track 12 recorded in 1983.

Simply one of the UK’s most talented musicians to have emerged on the synthesizer music scene! Andy Pickford's initial albums were influenced heavily by the likes of Vangelis and Alan Parsons, but with the arrival of the best-selling ‘Maelstrom’ album he created an original mix of powerful and more relaxed synthesizer/keyboards music that was full to the brim with sweeping melodies, multi-dimensional layers, powerful rhythms and ideas a-plenty.
These first three albums were (and still are to this day) as rewarding a musical experience as they come. Always keen to discover new musical areas, subsequent albums saw him moving into a mix of styles within synthesizer music realms, than a long break, which eventually came to an end with the emergence of ‘Lughnasad’, his first solo album for several years, and that saw him delivering a highly expansive and exotic mix of synths/keyboards-led melodies, rhythms and spacey ambience, putting him at the forefront of the UK synth music scene once more.

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