1. Playground Love [3:32]
  2. Clouds Up [1:28]
  3. Bathroom Girl [2:24]
  4. Cemetary Party [2:35]
  5. Dark Messages [2:28]
  6. The Word "Hurricane" [2:31]
  7. Dirty Trip [6:11]
  8. Highschool Lover [2:41]
  9. Afternoon Sister [2:23]
  10. Ghost Song [2:14]
  11. Empty House [2:36]
  12. Dead Bodies [2:56]
  13. Suicide Underground [5:31]
Soundtrack for the Sofia Coppola-directed film THE VIRGIN SUICIDES.

Nicholas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel - various instruments.
Gordon Tracks (Thomas Mars) - vocals, drums.
Hugo Ferran - saxophone.
Brian Reitzell - drums. Although clearly an intermediate project (because reportedly not really meant as the successor to "Moon Safari"), this soundtrack-album to Francis Ford Coppola's daughter Sofia's debut-movie "The Virgin Suicides" is nevertheless vintage Air and definitely not to be missed out on.
It's amazing what you can do with the basic two-chord descending figure which permeates virtually the whole album - harmonise it in different ways, use various sounds and tempos for it and all the moods apparently required for the movie are captured in the space of 40 minutes. These moods (as the album- and track-titles about suicides, cemeteries, ghosts etc. indicate) are slightly morbid in nature, due to the character of the 1993 book by Jeffrey Eugenides on which the movie is based, which relates the dark psychological tale of a group of boys trying to save a family of five sisters from committing suicide, in vain as it turns out.
However, Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin put enough of themselves in it to also make it a strangely energetic and spirited affair. They clearly benefited from the concert-tour they did during 1999 because, due to the services of drummer Brian Reitzell, some tracks even acquire a groovy rock'n'roll sort of feel, the highlight in this department being the longest track on the album, 'Dirty Trip'.
Inevitably, in order to be able to release a single from the album, Air reworked the main theme into the only song, 'Playground Love' sung by Gordon Tracks, which opens the album. Plenty of short but interesting tracks follow, with those typical melancholic string- and organ sounds plus the odd nice little invention here and there, like a great, fast and particularly sinister harp-effect.
A telling portion of the book is read out over the closing track 'Suicide Underground', which makes for quite a bizarre effect because the heroic quality of the music leads to the opposite impression from what the words actually express.
"The Virgin Suicides" shows that the expressive Air-sound is tailor-made for movie-soundtracks, so hopefully many more will follow this first one.

2000. Ivar de Vries Air is the bomb there is noone else better.

2003. Rodney Jones / USA 'Gordon Tracks' is Thomas Mars from Phoenix - another great Parisien band (rather funky than in Air-style)..

2004. Pat / Poland