1. Du Gibst Mir Mehr [5:25]
  2. Wie Wolken [3:51]
  3. Deine Frau [3:38]
  4. Etwas Mehr [3:34]
  5. Wunsche [5:37]
  6. Ich Weiss, Was Ich Will [3:01]
  7. Dreizehn Turen [3:45]
  8. Venedig Im Winter [3:33]
  9. Die Letzte Carmen [4:00]
  10. Arie [3:27]
  "Geheimnisse" is the third partnership between Vangelis and Italian-born singer Milva (after a 1971 single and the full-length album "Ich Hab' Keine Angst" from 1981). In contrast to that previous album, here Vangelis' contribution is more extensive because (apart from the music) he provides the arrangements and digital production for tracks nrs. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9, the rest being produced by Klaus Ebert and arranged by Harry Baierl, who in fact plays keyboards on all tracks, along with a few other musicians on sax, guitar etc. Because Vangelis is not able to write out arrangements in a music score and probably has to communicate the pieces by playing them to the others, this begs the question why he doesn't go on and actually play on the album itself. The reason is probably that Milva's own band had to take it out on one of her many tours (in 1986 she in fact performed in Athens at the same ancient theatre where Vangelis later had his opera "Antigone" performed) and so had to be familiar with it.
Due to Vangelis' involvement, the album has quite a sophisticated feel to it - state-of-the-art popmusic of the melancholic variety. All music is new, apart from 'Dreizehn Turen' (the old Aphrodite's Child single 'Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall') and 'Die Letzte Carmen' (a Vangelis arrangement of Bizet's music for his opera). This plus the excellent 'Ich Weiss, Was Ich Will' are the upbeat tracks but the rest reflects Vangelis' main strength, which is thoughtful melancholic mood-music. This is exemplified most poignantly in 'Venedig Im Winter' - possibly the best track, although 'Wie Wolken' and 'Arie' also come close.
All in all, a good album not just for Vangelis completists. For them, there exists an Italian version of this album, called 'Tra Due Sogni'.

1999. © Ivar de Vries