1. Laughter Meditation [8:04]
  2. Honey Moon [5:03]
  3. Deira [3:22]
  4. Quiet Lodge Edit [5:26]
  5. Medicine Mix [6:32]
  6. Sand Storm Edit [3:38]
  7. Mabui Dance #2 [9:45]
  8. Aiwoiwaiaou [6:23]
  9. Armenian Orientation [10:34]
  10. Ambient Meditation #3 [4:04]
Produced by Haruomi Hosono It concludes with a compostion by Laraaji and includes a collaborations with Yasuaki Shimizu, Akiko Yano.
Nice ambient with pop touches. [recorded/mixed 1991-92].
It seems to compile various tracks he recorded at the time, but dispite the use of "compilation" in the album's name this is all new material unavailable elsewhere.

2002. Nicolas Kent This is some great work. It starts off with the hypnotic and actually quite intricate piece called "Laughter meditation". Honey Moon sounds like David Sylvian singing..very peaceful. Cut #4 gets you deeper into the dream cycle (quiet lodge edit). Medicine mix is a cool cut. This one could even be played at a cool nightclub. My favorite track is the final one,"Ambient Meditation". It takes me to a far away place and I awake from a message from a lost departed one. The message was to carry on and move forward in a positive direction...much as most of this cd does.

2003. © Jay Hughston / United States of America