1. The Edge [18:52] MP3 soundclip of The Edge [3:01]
  2. Sanctus [21:11] MP3 soundclip of Sanctus [3:00]
  3. The Unwarranted Gamble [7:29]
  4. O-Micron [14:13]
  5. Purple Galaxy Crystal [7:41] MP3 soundclip of Purple Galaxy Crystal [3:00]
Recorded during live and studio performances
Played, recorded and composed by Ivo Keers
The opener "The Edge" seems to have Ron Boots influence sprinkled all over it with the lilting sequences and minimal percusive treatments being strongly suggestive of the respected Dutch synthesesist.Offbeat screaming synth injections appear her and there and they seem somewhat at odds with the otheringredients of the piece although overall can be considered a succesfull start.
"Sanctus", a 21 minutes further accentuates the lack of variety already mentioned although the strident bass chords are an undoubted touch of a genius.
The rapid Sequensers that herald the opening of "The unwarranted gamble" bring Bernd Kistenmacher to mind.
Two totally cosmic tracks and here the uniformity proves to be more of an asset as it allows the etheric nature of the music to imprint itself upon the listeners mind more completely to endure repeated listenings.

Carl Jenkinson / Sequences A very experimental CD, with ambient and spiritual sounds in.

The first track contains a few sequences, screaming synths coming in between and going away, which gives this track a perfect start for the whole CD. The negative point is the lack of variety. The same for the next track, which continues with this lack of variety. Track 3 contains some nice rapid sequencers, which gives a little more variety. The last two tracks can be categorized as cosmic tracks.
More variety and uniformity are found on these tracks.

I can recommend this CD for people who love experimental ambient.

Sven Cipido