1. Fjaele [8:02]
  2. Taenke [5:57]
  3. Drømme [6:24]
  4. Orke [13:19]
  5. Turde [15:05]
  6. Lykke [8:59]
  7. Tak [6:14]
At the age of eight, back in 2001, Pieter started to follow piano lessons with his grandmother. Back then he considered himself not dorky enough to follow music classes, but he secretly loved playing his little organ. Eventually he decided to take music classes after all. First basic music composing lessons with Bram Van Camp, a Belgian contemporary composer, later composing classes with Wim Henderickx and Diederik Glorieux. With the years he developped a new passion: making electronic music. A logical step in his love with classical and ambient music.

August 2016 saw the release of ‘Inuit.’,his first ‘real’ project. The baseline is the story that the Inuit (inhabitants of Greenland) have more than twenty different names for snow. Pieter picked out four names, each with their own meaning. Simultaneously, all the tracks have the same atmosphere but are different in another way. It’s a metaphor that can only be understood by listening to the music.

Upon the release of ‘Inuit.’ Pieter started to work on a new project. This time he tried something different. He tried to reflect the beauty of silence by putting just one instrument in front (the piano, of course!). He added some subtle details, mainly gathered from his own field recordings, but always stayed rather minimalistic. The result is a raw, imperfect, but warm and cosy at the same time. The new project got the name ‘Hygge.’. Hygge, currently a fancy buzzword, initially stands for “a quality of cosiness and hapiness that engenders a feeling of contentment”. Pieter oughts to help the listener to achieve such a state of mind. Whether it works or not, that’s up to you.