1. The Synthesizer Experience [4:42]
  2. Radio Noordzee [6:04]
  3. Monotonous Stereo Part I [7:27]
  4. Birds on the Wire [8:22]
  5. Six Miles South of Hastings [7:45]
  6. Monotonous Stereo Part II [12:48]
  7. Etherlands Part I [12:16]
  8. Etherlands Part II [11:56]
  9. Mellotron Etude [2:33]
Spyra says: "This is the best CD that I've ever made!", and, in fact, we won't argue about that...although we also like his well-selling releases "Phonehead", "Sferics" and the co-production "Virtual Vices" with Pete Namlook...
"Etherlands", which is a reference to the invisible ether and to all people who work in independent radio stations, is the logical continuance of "Sferics". It is a stocktaking of Spyra's music that indeed shows the wide range of freedom of movement within his own genuine style:
"The Synthesizer Experience" is an 80ies-like dance piece, which leads us directly to the time when Spyra started to make electronic music, "Radio Noordzee" with its dub-like rhythm is most typical of Spyra's nowadays (live!)music, "Monotonous Stereo" shows that an experiment with a stereo dissection of a paradiddle within a 7/8-pattern range can (although this description might sound very weird) be a bliss to listen to, "Six miles south of Hastings" refers to "6 high minus 12 meters" on Spyra's "Sferics"-CD and in that way to Birth Control and 70ies space rock, and the title piece "Etherlands" is an Odyssey-like journey through the hidden world of Ether-waves with classical sequence programming, wonderful melodies and tape-echoed experimental soundscapes. The inter- and extermezzi "Birds on the wire" and "Mellotron Etude" are pure melodic chill out tracks that are inspired by the vintage sounds of the famous Mellotron.

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