1. Triangular [19:48]
  2. Spektral Eins [5:16]
  3. Spektral Zwei [8:53]
  4. Quadral [10:12]
  5. Sinusoidal [11:02] MP3 soundclip of Sinusoidal [2:59]
  6. Triangular Ende [9:38]
From a live-tape in 1991 and first being sold as MC in 1992 this is now the new edition of Wellenformen in digital format.
Produced and arranged between February 1991 till June 1992. Waveshape plays 'old school' EM, and according to the book, they contain long tracks with good rhythms, not too pushy sequencing, and many solos. Originally "Wellenformen" was a live recording on cassette sold at concerts and then it was released on CD in 1996. Just as with "Zyklus", it is difficult to focus on high points because almost all of the songs are equally good and they will appeal to the Berlin School devotee (okay then, just one: the 20-minute long opening track, "Triangular").

André de Waal