2. by American author BRAD DUKE
This complex work is a painstakingly detailed and incredibly massive exhibit of Tangerine Dream's paper past. Presented in a 10x12" (ca. 25x30 cm) coffee-table book format - specifically designed to sit beside Edgar's Force Majeure autobiography perfectly, "Itinerary" has a scope of about 452 pages, and contains over 1,100 images of TD's posters, flyers, tickets, passes, programs, invitations, contracts, stage plots, spreadsheets, memos, itineraries, telexes, receipts, press releases, etc. - all of which has been described by one of the world's leading collectors of music memorabilia to be "the most astonishing collection of memorabilia by one band" he's ever seen!

Bianca Froese-Acquaye: "I am very overwhelmed by the richness and beauty of this book, by the incredible collecting passion of the author, Brad Duke, how he - also thanks to the support of many TD friends and allies - managed to put together such a large collection of memorabilia. The media image of Tangerine Dream is completed by another piece, because Edgar's autobiography Force Majeure and the current memorabilia book complement each other fantastically. The immersion into the historically significant TD cosmos is truly something special. It is simply exciting for the reader to observe the musical and career development of the band through their interesting and partly artistically valuable memorabilia.

The music from the respective eras provides the reader of the book with an additional picture of the way the band is presented and marketed. Only few international bands can look back on such a rich and groundbreaking history. Enjoy exploring this great book! The most wonderful birthday present we could give Edgar this year...Thank you, Brad!"