1. Dreamy Kathmandu [10:22]
  2. The World Of Koto [6:47]
  3. Brahmaputra [10:31]
  4. Shambala [18:14]
  5. Distant Echoes [8:55]
All titles composed, arranged, produced and performed by Klaus Hoffmann-Hook at Quasar Studio.

Guest musician Volker Kuinke - Roessler bassrecorder on track 1.

SHAMBALA, on the one hand is the legendary kingdom in the Himalayas, on the other hand it is the name given to the Buddhist myth that symbolizes the silent, inner path to spiritual enlightment. The idea of composing this meditative music by building on new ideas and on themes from previous work was promoted by many MIND OVER MATTER fans asking for more extended pieces of peaceful, relaxing music. So, here you are. Enjoy a calm hour of meditation, love and tenderness.

Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock 1993's Live in Concert is 'Tron-free, while '97's Shambhala is pretty similar to their debut from ten years earlier; at least you can say they're consistent.

It's a perfectly pleasant blend of Eastern mysticism and Western electronic music, if entirely un engaging, which is probably the point. Herr Hoffmann-Hoock plays one or more of the multiple 'Trons he's owned over the years, with ethereal flutes on The World Of Koto, Brahmaputra, although I suspect the ones on closer Distant Echoes are actually synth.

Andy Thompson A timely arrival after their headlining performance at EMMA#4, this album is advertised as "The quiet album, peaceful music for relaxation". Anyone partial to soothing sounds and subliminal textures which hint at melody and rhythm will be impressed by this album. It undoubtedly has meditative qualities which are underlined by the Buddha style imagery on the front cover.
Shambhala apparently has dual meanings; the legendary kingdom in the Himalayas, and a symbol of the silent, inner path to spiritual enlightenment. I think you get the idea by now!

Musically the album is executed with some style and panache. Some of the melodies have underlying strengths which belie the delicate execution. The title track weighs in at a sturdy 18 minutes and most of the others surpass the ten minute mark. They seldom sound overly long though, an indication that this hasn't just been thrown together.

Headphones on, turn off the lights and drift.