1. Love on a Real Train '08
  2. Scrap Yard '08
  3. Sally's Garden (traditional)
Released November 1st at The Forum, London A superb "cupdisc" EP wotsit! I'm not a great fan of LOART - there's not enough light and shade to the track but this is a good version. It genuinely sounds updated, as opposed to remixed or tangetized. I particularly like the understated synth underneath the main sequenced theme.

Scrapyard 2008 is my favourite new old track, so far. It's always been a favourite of mine. The additional guitars give it extra dimension and clout. A Thief 2009 would be very welcome.

Sally's Garden - wow, what a lovely track! If ever a piece of Td music could be called "pretty" this is it. It's very much a song without lyrics. Strangely, it reminds me somewhat of a track in the John Woo film A Better Tomorrow as opposed to the Irish connection some fans have given it lol! Isn't individual human perception a wonderful thing! :O)

2008. Richard Neal