1. We Continue [11:08]
  2. Unseen Hand [6:06]
  3. Finger On The Pulse [9:43]
  4. A Righteous Thing [6:33]
  5. Primary Phase [9:42]
  6. Spiral Revelation [19:50]
The sound of life, interconnected and unfurling. Roach's long history and love of analog sequencer-based styles reveals a continuing, evolving wakening within Spiral Revelation's 63 minutes. Using only analog and hardware instruments to focus the mind's ear upon a filigree of intricate patterns woven with a direct hands-on approach, an emotional through-line brings life to these pieces as the unfurling of time's windings connects to the vivid present and illuminates with anticipation a life-affirming future. A masterful expression of an artist who has infused his soul into the art form of electronic music.