1. ambience: morning [1:12]
  2. On the Morrow of Today [5:26] MP3 soundclip of On the morrow of today [0:51]
  3. ambience: horizons [0:55]
  4. The Alchemist [6:16] MP3 soundclip of The alchemist [0:58]
  5. A Lifetime of Moments [5:17] MP3 soundclip of A lifetime of moments [1:30]
  6. ambience: reflections [1:31]
  7. Under the Bard's Tree [5:53]
  8. Beneath the Surface [4:41]
  9. The Ice Maiden [3:28]
  10. ambience: the afternoon sun [1:04]
  11. Greenfields [1:04]
  12. Spellcraft [4:36]
  13. The Camp On The Riverbank [5:59]
  14. The Meeting Place [1:34]
  15. The Old Tower [5:34]
  16. ambience: evening rain [0:38]
  17. Ripples [2:31]
  18. Mystery Forest [3:06]
  19. Return to Witchwood [7:55]
Some 16 months after his previous successful album "Colony" from 2002, the Norwegian multi instrumentalist Bjørn Lynne, now working out of his studio in Yorkshire England, is back with the beautifully understated "Return to Witchwood".

Bjørn Lynne - Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion
Ken Senior - Acoustic & electric guitars
Rebecca Webster - Flute
Ben Crick - Cello
Jean-Pascal Boffo - Electric guitar
Marc Pattison - Electric guitar

With a slight nod to his album "Witchwood" from 1996, "Return to Witchwood" is an album of atmospheric and highly melodic progressive, folky, electronic and Celtic/Medieval music with a transparent production. On this album Bjørn proves that good music can be spoken softly and still make as strong a statement as any pompous wall of sound. Playful, varied and understated, this is an album sure to become a favourite amongst the increasing number of Bjørn Lynne fans across the world.

2003. Press information. Like the earlier album, "Witchwood" from 1996, this album was made entirely for the love of creation itself and without any regard to commercial pressures or sales projections. This comes across in the music - an understated and playful album of melodic fantasy music. The only thing that matters here is the atmospheres, emotions, melodies and moods conveyed by this musical journey to a far-away fantasy world - where beauty, wonders, dangers and adventure greet a curious traveller.

This is essentially a CD of melodic instrumental music, made with the sole purpose of touching the soul and the spirit of the listener. Whether as background music, or for a full-on listening experience with eyes closed and laid back on the sofa, the composer hopes to show you a little light and darkness from another world.

2003. Bjorn Lynne. Bjorn Lynne approaches New Instrumental Music, Symphonic Rock and Synth-Pop, with a special talent to shape his compositions with a remarkably expressive strength that we can perceive from the very start of the album to the second it ends. It is probably one of those albums where Lynne has imprinted his personality the most as a musician, as well as his own feelings as a person.
Most remarkable is the ease with which he is so skilled in sculpting the sound ambiences that evoke impressive backgrounds and situations. The medieval touches, the classical and the ethnic shades introduced in certain passages, all of them are masterful. In its global consideration, the music does attract the attention of the listener easily indeed, and submerges us in the sound adventure of a magic theme the artist proposes us in this magnificent album.

2004. Virginia Tamayo