1. Come On [2:09]
  2. We Were All Uprooted [6:52]
  3. Sunny Earth [6:38]
  4. He-O [4:09]
  5. Ritual [2:45]
  6. Let It Happen [4:20]
  7. The City [1:17]
  8. My Face In The Rain [4:19]
  9. Watch Out [2:50]
  10. A Song [3:32]
I would like to write a song
That is so vibrant and so intimate
That the earth would adopt it
As if it had sprung like the stream
From the land's memory
As if no one had written it but life itself
And my song would travel along
From bird to wing, to tree
To breeze to heart to breath to song
Because a song belongs to everyone
Like the spring
'Earth’ was the last album Vangelis made in Paris before setting up shop at Nemo studios in London. Released on CD at last in 1996 by Polygram Greece, it marks a transition between Vangelis the band member and the composer who would explode into the world with ‘Heaven and Hell’. The album is still song-oriented and made by what could loosely be described as a band: Robert Fitoussi (bass, vocals), Vangelis himself (keyboards, percussion), and fellow former Aphrodite’s Child band-member Argiris Koulouris (guitars).

Probably obliged by the record company to provide hit-material, both Koulouris and Vangelis wrote a simple but effective rock-song (‘He-O’ and ‘Come On’, respectively) but there the insult ends, because the rest of the album is vintage Vangelis. A lot of it has that elusive Mediterranean feel to it, sometimes revealing its darker side. ‘We Were All Uprooted’ must refer to the late-60’s exodus of Greek intellectuals escaping from the oppressive regime, as in fact Vangelis did (around this time, he was also to contribute to Melina Mercouri’s protest album ‘Si Melina m’Etait Contee’). But it all ends with music linked to nature in the form of the beautiful ‘A Song’, as if to say that worldly politics doesn’t matter and nature will survive all. What a romantic thought!

1999. Ivar de Vries In 1973 I got the vinyl album as a "choice of the month" being a member of a club and at first I couldn't appreciate it. After listening to it more often in the years beyond, I really started to enjoy this very special piece of music and now I regard it as one of the best in my collection.
It's about Vangelis being liberated from all strains.
Still own the vinyl.

2004. Dick Mink / The Netherlands I was working at a radio station when this LP came to me in 1973. I immediately knew the artist from Aphrodite's Child, and I listend to it at once. It was overwhelming. The music has been with me ever since. The most meaningful song to me at the time was "Let it Happen", and at night I would greatly enjoy "My Face In The Rain", playing the second side all the way to the end.
We played these tracks on the radio station and we were considered, in those days, a very progressive station.

2006. Don Sylvester / USA I (now) regard it as one of the best in my collection- Dick Mink
Same here my friend!

2007. Rik Pepe / USA