1. The Fourth Dimension [2:13]
  2. Endless Future [5:43]
  3. The Flow Of Time [4:44]
  4. Utopia [18:46]
  5. Tube Into Eternity [4:00]
  6. Warm Waterfalls [9:02] MP3 soundclip of Warm waterfalls [1:00]
  7. Age Of Changes [6:27]
  8. The Wide End [11:43]
Produced by Art Of Infinity
Mixed by Thorsten Rentsch at Renaissance Studio Cologne
Mastered by Jürgen Lusky at house of audio

Thorsten Sudler-Mainz - keyboard, vocals, spoken words, percussion and programming
Thorsten Rentsch - keyboard, guitar, bass, spoken words, voices, percussion and programming
Eva Wolf – vocals (1, 3, 4, 6)
Alquimia – vocals (2, 6, 8)
Matthias Krauss – keyboard (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8), guitar (4)
Klaus Major Heuser – guitar (1, 6)
Stefan Höllering - tenor saxophone (2, 6), electro saxophone (7)
Björn Vogelsang - soprano saxophone (8)
Wieland Reissmann - grand piano (8), keyboard (8)
Franz Holtmann – guitar (4)
Luise Schröter – cello (4)
Marius Goldhammer – bass (7)
Wolf Simon – drums (3, 6) percussion (4)
Mario Argandona – percussion (4, 6), didgeridoo (4)
Sibi Siebert – percussion (3)
Ann Kareen Mainz – vocals (4, 6)
MGV Liederkranz Cleeberg – male choir (3)

Endless Future - Beauty of sound and deep thinking
Four years after the release of their international breakthrough album „Dimension Universe" the unique Frankfurt/Cologne music project Art Of Infinity push their magnificent Space Pop on to a new artistic level.
The two masterminds of Art Of Infinity, Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch, have given their complex and highly atmospheric compositions a stronger focus on classical song structures ("The Flow Of Time", "Endless Future"). By inviting an illustrious cast of guest artists and a 60-head all-male choir they have added some remarkable new facets to the astonishing wealth of their music.
Thus the fans of Art Of Infinity are once again treated with the sensual Worldmusic chants by Eva Wolf, but for the first time also with the voice of Mexican composer Alquimia, who gives the title track "Endless Future" a refreshing exotic touch.
Lyrically the album once again deals with ancient topics and archaic dreams of mankind, cosmic journeys into the future and to magical mystic places. So the combination of electronics, progressive elements, Classical Music and Rock, which is Art Of Infinity’s unmistakable trademark, once again integrates beauty of sound and deep thinking to a fascinating and deeply rewarding experience.

2008. Press Information This is the third part of a conceptual trilogy from composers Thorsten Sudler-Mainz (keyboards, vocals) and Thorsten Rentsch (keyboards, guitar, bass).

Their ambient project is supplemented by a great number of guests who add tonal layers to this mix of classical, light rock and new age, wether sumptuous tenor saxophone, luscious cello or atmospheric didgeridoo. With female vocals in turn haunting and an instrument in their own right, this thoughtful work of art blends synth waves (evoking Tangerine Dream and early Vangelis), captivating melodies (where the female harmonies call to mind Oldfield or Lucassen) and soothing aural soundscapes.

They call it New School Ambient, apparently. I call it a pretty good and unique mix of genres that provide a rich, pleasantly dreamy and relaxing atmosphere.

2010. DP / Classic Rock Society Magazine Romantic electronic soundscapes and sweeping, imaginative songs. Endless Future is an ambitious concept delivered with an appropriate theatrical grandeur. Dramatic themes and passionate songs benefit from a stream of constantly varying vocalists and vocal styles including the sixty voices of the all male choir MGV Liederkranz Cleeberg, a broad range of world sounds, classical instruments and electronica. Whispered words (male and female) hang in the softer moments, layered and massed voices welling up in the crescendos. There is something of a contrast between the clarity and open singing of Alquimia and the thicker atmospheres created around the chants and words of Eva Wolf. These diversities are further enhanced by the musical genres drawn upon - at times leaning a little in the direction of lazy lounge, then toward rock musical pomp, and then pop ambience.

Endless Future comes in a luxurious digipak of four fold out panels, revealing eight colorful surfaces in all. The front cover sees the backs of two shadowed figures apparently facing into a scarlet tunnel lit at the far end, or perhaps a deep red sky centered by a bright sun. The back of the package holds a timed track list against an enlarged version of the light source from the main cover image. Opening out like a book - the first two inner surfaces introduce a horizontal progression of track information: titles and credits; multi language lyrics; piece by piece images. Like a book within a book, the two panels open out once more revealing the rest of the track progression; a more detailed credit section and the disc itself.

Art Of Infinity are producer musicians Thorsten Rentsch and Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, joined in this case by a broad range of guest instrumentalists and singers. The project was initiated around 1996 leading to a debut release back in 2000 - New Horizon. Dimension Universe followed in 2004 and now we have the third album from the project Endless Future. The band obviously have wide ranging musical interests that show up to a greater or lesser degree here - the progressive rock influences of such bands as Pink Floyd entwine the ethnic neo-classical grace of Adiemus. Promotional material frequently uses the term 'ambient' in describing the more low key synthetics that underpin some portions of the album. This melting pot of stylistic sources complements the conceptual content that "deals with ancient topics and archaic dreams of mankind, cosmic journeys into the future and to magical mystic places".

Morpheus Just as on their first two albums the artists behind this third Art Of Infinity album are Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rensch. According to the accompanying information, more than before, the composers have specifically tried to come up with accessible music and compositions with a logical and defined structure. In my opinion they succeeded rather well in achieving these objectives.
With the help of numerous guests such as for example Alquimia, cellist Luise Schroeter, saxophone player Stefan Höllering, BAP-guitarist Klaus Major Heuser and a choir of sixty men, they recorded eight tracks with a great deal of variety both between as well as within the songs.

Albeit predominantly in a somewhat dreamy ambient style, a track like Utopia (more than 19 minutes) provides more space to experiment and with a total length of over an hour the other pieces also are not predictable or simple, on the contrary. The music contains elements varying between psychedelic and spacey electronic ("Tube Into Eternity"), between soft-jazz and pop and even between melodic progressive and more classical.
"The Wide End", "Endless Future" and "Age Of Changes" with delightful fretless bass playing by Marius Goldhammer have a tendency to lean more towards ‘soft jazz meets pop’, while "The Flow Of Time" and "Warm Waterfalls" are leaning more towards a slightly symphonic pop-genre. Furthermore attention has been paid to exotic rhythm patterns and percussion.

A great deal of care has been given to the production aspects. Therefore "Endless Future" is a listening sensation on itself and even if one shouldn’t like all of the music on this record, the depth and sounds of both instruments, voices as well as effects would compensate for this minor inconvenience easily. A very interesting release by Prudence!

2009. Menno von Brucken Fock "Endless Future" is an ambitious concept delivered with an appropriate theatrical grandeur.

2009. Morpheus Music / USA Vier jaar na de release van hun internationale doorbraak album ‘Dimension Universe’ brengt het muziekproject Art Of Infinity haar fantastische Space Pop naar een nieuw artistiek hoogtepunt.
De twee masterminds achter Art Of Infinity, Thorsten Sudler-Mainz en Thorsten Rentsch hebben hun complexe en hoog atmosferische composities een sterkere focus gegeven door klassieke songstructuren te gebruiken (The Flow Of Time, Endless Future).
Door het uitnodigen van een illuster gezelschap artiesten en een 60 koppig mannenkoor voegen ze opmerkelijke nieuwe facetten toe aan de al verbazende rijkheid van hun muziek. Zo worden de fans van Art Of Ininity verwend met de sensuele gezangen van Eva Wolf, en voor het eerst met de stem van de Mexicaanse componiste Alquimia, die aan de titeltrack ‘Endless Future’ een fris exotisch effect geeft.
Qua songteksten gaat dit album over onderwerpen uit de oudheid en de archaische dromen van de mensheid, cosmische reizen naar de toekomst en magisch mystieke plekken. Het handelsmerk van Art Of Inifinity is de combinatie van electronica, progressieve elementen, klassieke muziek en rock.

Over deze muziek is eerst diep nagedacht. Dat staat vast.

2008. Onbekend El sello alemán Prudence nos presenta el nuevo trabajo de la formación "Art Of Infinity".
Cuatro años después de la publicación de "Dimension Universe" regresa el dúo formado por Thorsten Sudler-Mainz y Thorsten Rentsch con un magnífico trabajo donde se siguen moviendo por el Space Pop pero sin dejar de lado sus inquietudes musicales.
Para la creación de "Endless Future" el dúo alemán ha contado con la colaboración de diversos músicos en los instrumentos acústicos y con las voces femeninas de la cantante alemana Eva Wolf y la artista mexicana Alquimia.

"Endless Future" cuenta con una producción exquisita donde nos encontramos con elementos electrónicos, elementos acústicos y voces, todos ellos unidos en perfecta harmonía para dar lugar a un trabajo que se mueve entre el ambient, el space pop, el rock o la música clásica. La inclusión de instrumentos como el saxo, piano, cello o didgeridoo aporta una originalidad digna de mención, porque están mezclados de forma exquisita.
Desde el comienzo nos va sumergiendo en un mundo cósmico, futurista para ir poco a poco recorriendo ese ambiente especial capaz de recrear esta formación, un mundo lleno de imaginación, de fantasía, pero sobre todo de buena música. Las voces femeninas acompañan perfectamente a la instrumentación aportando vitalidad, instrumentos como el saxo o el piano les añade un toque de originalidad que va en perfecta armonía con el resto de la instrumentación. A destacar temas como el que le da título, "Utopia" un tema de más de 18 minutos o "The Wide End", perfecto para rematar este trabajo.

"Endless Future" es un disco de una formación que siempre ha destacado por su originalidad, en este caso no podía ser de otra manera y este es un trabajo del futuro en el presente, con una mangnífica producción y una utilización de los instrumentos tanto eléctricos como acústicos de forma exquisita, un disco para degustar poco a poco, apreciando todos los sonidos y elementos que aquí nos podemos encontrar.

2008. Ultima Fronteira / Spain Thorsten Sudler-Mainz y Thorsten Rentsch vuelven a la carga con su proyecto musical conjunto Art of Infinity. Cuatro años hemos tenido que esperar desde su trabajo previo, Dimension Universe, para ver publicado Endless Future, un trabajo en el que el dúo de alemanes continúa ofreciéndonos su música, atmosférica y perfectamente producida.
Para Endless Future, Sudler-Mainz y Rentsch se han dejado acompañar de una nutrida representación de artistas de alto nivel, haciendo un especial hincapié en las voces femeninas, como es el caso de la mexicana Alquimia o la alemana Eva Wolf.
El álbum, como sus predecesores, vuelve a ofrecernos, en forma de música, paisajes por el cosmos o por lugares místicos, con estructuras cercanas al ambient, la electrónica o elementos progresivos, con la personal instrumentación de Art Of Infinity, siempre mezclando bases electrónicas con instrumentos acústicos como saxofón tenor y soprano o didgeridoo.

2008. Jorge Sergio / Spain "If the blandness of a lot of the modern ambient (or 'chill out' music to use modern parlance) leaves you somewhat cold but you still hanker for something relaxing to soothe the pressures of life, the universe and everything, German ‘music project’ Art Of Infinity may have the solution." That was the conclusion by my colleague Mark Hughes when he reviewed the band’s first two albums Dimension Universe and New Horizon, almost five years ago. (As I couldn’t put it any better myself I thought a bit of recycling was in order!)
A new band for me, but based on Mark’s observations it would appear that with Endless Futures the two band masterminds Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch have taken another step towards making their cosmic ambient music - well - a little less ambient!

All eight tracks are highly atmospheric. A couple offer little more than soothing electronica. However elsewhere there is a strong focus on traditional song structures. A full cast of guest musicians includes three female vocalists and a 60-strong all-male choir features on The Flow Of Time. I particularly enjoy the sensual world music chants of Eva Wolf, while Mexican composer Alquimia brings an exotic vibe to the title track, the uplifting Warm Waterfalls and The Wide End. Throw into the mix some fantastic saxophone scores, a grand piano, cello, and even a didgeridoo on Utopia and you won't need me to tell you that there's plenty of detail to be discovered.
This is a beautiful, warm and rewarding album with an even spread of electronics, progressive and classical elements, very strong vocal rhythms and a hint of rock. Certainly a far more substantive take on ambient music than I’ve previously encountered on my admittedly limited visits to the genre. At the risk of invoking cries of plagiarism, I hear nothing to lead me to a different conclusion to my colleague last time around. As Mark put it: "The music is relaxing and washes over you in gentle waves, yet retaining the human element so often lacking in totally synthesized music ….. the group are very good at what they do."

Exactly! I’ll just be a little more generous in the point score as: a) my wife really likes this album; b) the gatefold sleeve and booklet is one of the smartest I’ve seen, and c) I was looking for some late-night-with-a-bottle-of-Bordeaux music and this fits the bill perfectly.
Conclusion: 8 out of 10

Andy Read