1. Phase 1 Singularity [1:04]
  2. Phase 2 Bicubic [10:55]
  3. Phase 3 Three Oaks [10:36]
  4. Phase 4 Square [3:43]
  5. Phase 5 Elemental [11:38]
  6. Phase 6 Gate [1:39]
  7. Phase 7 Samurai [8:34]
  8. Phase 8 Achtung [15:05]
  9. Phase 9 Almost H [10:19] MP3 soundclip of Part 9 [1:12]
Music composed and played by Andy Bloyce, Jens Peschke, Tom Coppens and Ruud Hey We begin with a chaotic collage of sounds and effects out of which emerges an ominous drone and slow pulses. In complete contrast we then get a plucked string type lead line to which is added an absolutely fantastic melodic sequence - one of the best if not the best Kubusschnitt have come up with so far. Not to be outdone in the lead line department in enters a real cracker - again one of their very best. This is such a fantastic track - so full of excitement it just makes you feel like punching the air in pure pleasure. What's more it just gets better, faster and more intense as we progress into the second part with yet more fantastic lead lines. If you want sequencer mayhem with strong melodies you will have it by the avalanche full here. I really can't stress too much just how good this is.
We float into the next section on the back of dark atmospherics but in no time at all another sequence emerges - again fast and furious. It is accompanied by a second and we enter Klaus Schulze territory. Nearer the end a subtle electric guitar lead line starts up adding colour to the pulsating brew underneath rather than dominating. Its all change as we move into part four which is basically a short dark cosmic atmospheric piece, a sonar blip being particularly effective. Initially part five takes us out to even deeper space with electronic effects and wooshes of sound making one think of mysterious other worldly phenomena. Out of all this come gorgeous melodic pads. It's as if we are entering a spellbindingly beautiful and yet awesome region of the cosmos. Just close your eyes and let the music take you where it will. For the second half of this part we are brought back to reality with a bump as two more sequences come to life and we now start to move at great speed again. Some lovely floating space guitar plays with the sequences and synth lead. This is both delicate and powerful music, sounds being combined expertly complimenting the sea of pulsations on which they float. The electric guitar does get a little more strident just before we enter the sixth part but not overly so.
This section is really a gentle introduction to the even more cosmic part seven. The sound of solar flares fly over some deep pads. In the third minute a rhythm / sequencer combination slowly make their way through a cloud of stellar gasses becoming more strident all the time but never destroying the delicate atmos. Again its all rather Schulzian.
To start off with Part eight is another cosmic extravaganza with some lovely floating guitar work. The pulse starts to quicken however as an absolutely brilliant sequence enters around the three minute mark. The guitar disappears and is replaced by synth leads. Things become very 'Sorceror'ish around the eleven minute mark. The sequence mutates just enough to hold the interest, the atmospherics and use of space around it being simply masterful. The sequences are again fantastic on the final part.
As they get into full swing some sympathetic guitar work soars into the ether. The sequences get beefier and beefier as the track progresses - synth leads now replacing the guitar and things work themselves up into quite a frenzy up until the end - but is it? Keep the CD running for a little while and you get atmospheric noises and all sorts of other effects then a really nice mid 70's floating melodic passage and that really is the end - honest!

Kubusschnitt go from strength to strength proving here that they are one of the very best retro bands around today.

DL With this 74 minute release from 2001, the band's already-crisp sound grows even more exciting as Kubusschnitt continues its galactic sonic voyage.

From its shrill and drifting opening, this music soars far beyond earthly tides to explore realms of sound foreign to mankind. The electronics contribute to elongated riffs, enhancing the melodies with piercing results. Guided by keyboards, the riffs engage in a frenzy of harmonious vigor, delivering more than the average share of plateau-moments. The patterns swell to momentous proportions, swarming around the tuneage's central theme like a school of luminous fish. These variations spiral together, forming ever more complex and even more enticing melodies. Blending with this perfection, the strains of space guitar wail with passion, flavoring the music with passages of vibrant organic substance. These thrilling chords expand, rising to peaks of epic crescendo.
Percussive elements swim immersed in this busy structure, generally sounding their rhythms through rapid cycles of synthesized sounds. There are some almost-traditional E-perc tempos too, but these beats are restrained from propelling the music, reduced to a strength no more dominant than the gyrating electronics. All these aspects coexist in balance, with no single drowning out its sonic compatriots (with the pleasant exception of some fiery guitar solos). Among the profusion of bands pursuing this enthusiastic electronic sound, Kubusschnitt's excellence shines like a siren beacon, audible for light years and undaunted by the laws of quantum physics.

Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity Kubusschnitt consists of Andy Bloyce, Jens Peschke, Tom Coppens and Ruud Heij. Their third album is entitled The Singularity and contains all the classic elements of cosmic music first laid down by the Berlin School of EM that emerged out of Germany in the 1970s.
Although inspired by music over 30 years old, Kubusschnitt provides the listener with a cerebral voyage as enjoyable as it is original. The genre came into being through a spirit of exploration and Kubusschnitt continues this legacy admirably.

The Singularity is a success on many levels, but primarily due to Kubusschnitt's informed sensibilities when it comes to contour and dynamics. Good spacemusic follows an arc over time, the music and listener travelling together through many phases, terrains and zones.
This album is a well conceived journey throughout its 73 minutes and combines the energy and spontaneity of a live performance with the articulation and refinement of a studio production. For Kubusschnitt, synth chords are the foundation upon which sequencer tone patterns gallop interlocked through spacetime with improvised guitar and keyboard melodies evoking the mysteries of the universe. The album also has its share of abstract interludes which function as more than a means of transition between the more active areas of Kubusschnitt's electronic pulse music. These realizations are meant to explore timbre, the color and character of sound and offer us a few moments of drift and an opportunity to peer into the music and ourselves. This points out the interesting relationship between these musicians and their audience.

Kubusschnitt brings the music only so far, you the listener, through the act of comprehension, complete the process.

Chuck van Zyl / Star's End