1. Hymn of the Midnight Sun [5:19]
  2. Synphonic Voices 1 and 2 [10:45]
  3. Castles in the Sky [9:53]
  4. Show Me Where The Sun Is Always Shining [6:42]
  5. Life Eternal [7:30]
  6. Looking Back [4:45]
  7. The Power and the Glory [4:36]
  8. Rings Around The Moon Part 2 [7:00]
  9. Santuary / Harbours Finale [10:00]

    Bonus track:
  10. We Ain't No Agels - REMIX [4:57]
Grand Finales - In a dream someone said to me "John, it is nearly the year 2000. Not everyone gets to witness a new millennium and with your sort of music you shouldn't let this important event go by unnoticed...". Being who and what I am, I listened to my dream and heeded what it was telling me. I have compiled a cd of all my "Grand Finales".
All the 'big-production' numbers on one cd... a real celebration!

John Kerr