1. Le Rasoir D'Occam [22:41]
  2. Metropolis [6:44]
  3. Interstellar Overload [15:54]
  4. Lolita's Waveform [4:48]
  5. Technoff [21:00]
AWENSON, alias JoŽl BERNARD, offers to relive the spirit of the innovative creations stemming from the electronic musics in the Seventies. This French keyboards player was particularly influenced by Germany and the Berlin School. Hence it is no wonder if his second album "Saphonic" (His debut was self-produced under the name of AWEN) reminds so much of the atmospheres created by Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze. It wouldn't be right to only see imitation there, and disregard the impact that the artist got from another one in the genre, namely Jean-Michel Jarre. AWENSON draws a really personal music from all this, and it should delight the connoisseurs. Released in 2010 on the Dreaming label, "Wizard" includes two long instrumental pieces with evocative titles, one of 41 minutes and the other clocking half an hour: "Psychedelic Dream" and "Hypnotic Ways". To be discovered !

2012. Press Information