1. Voces de mi tierra [14:37]
    1. Voces de mi tierra (Voices From My Homeland)
    2. Hito wa isa (The Human Heart)
    3. The Music Makers
  2. Olinia Mo [20:28]
    1. Move And Resonate (Olinia Mo)
    2. Night Fall (Tlapayohua)
    3. Master Of The Night (Yoatecutli)
    4. Moonshine (Metztonalli)
  3. White Dream [6:34]
Composed, played, produced and recorded by Alquimia and Hans Joachim Roedelius

Roedelius - Ensoniq TS 10 keyboard pre-prepared sound material, various samples, voice.
Alquimia - Voice, backing voices, flutes, clay flutes, ocarinas waterclay flutes bird call flutes, clay drums, water drums, clay pots timbales, teponaxtli, huehuetl, woodblock, rain stick, seeds, gabasa, shakers, maracas, guiro, cowbell, gongs, cymbals, electronics, electronic processors / effects, and synthesizers.

This album is the meeting between Hans-Joachim Roedelius, German pioneer of the electronic avant garde, and Alquimia, a versatile Mexican artist who has explored the possibilities of synthesizers as well as those of her voice in various innovative projects.
This unusual collaboration between them both has resulted in a likewise remarkable CD. There are melodic passages of a great emotional strength, which could be defined as a fusion of Atmospheric Pop and World Music.
And among them both, others of a mysterious, even dreary character coexist, with a slow development and a structure ranging from Ambient to mystic ritual music.
Alquimia's voice, which she herself processes electronically in various ways, turns out to be unearthly at times, and very much earthly in other occasions, perfectly fitting with the electronic textures and exotic atmospheres.

1999. Eduardo Fontana The album "Move & Resonate" is a meeting of two revolutionists: Roedelius and Alquimia. In a matter of seconds these two wizards immerse you into wrapping and enigmatic atmosphere of their music. They use, in a masterly fashion, not only modern electronics: a wide variety of phantasmal murmurs and a sounding of ancient ethnic instruments of pre-Columbian America are being deeply intertwined with the music.

The music calls you back to the past. It creates pictures of mountain ridges and sharp-pointed walls, high towers and mysterious rites (the "Voices de mi tierra" composition). Born in Mexico, a performer, composer and musical experimentalist Alquimia brings the spirit of ancient America into the sounding of the album. It shines through everything: both musical parts of unique instruments and a mesmerizing, womanly Alquimia's vocal. On the cover of the album the original names of a number of flutes, percussion instruments and other ones which were used while the album had been creating. The list of the instruments is rather impressive. And at the same time this is the ambient, here you can recognize Roedelius's hand.
With the help of a few thin strokes the artist integrates a musical environment into a single whole ("Olinia Mo" composition).
"Move and resonate" is an album-enigma, an album-travel. As if a coincidence of two worlds - ancient and present - occurs at the same instant of time, and that creates a totally new, uninvestigated third world to which every listener should go himself. What will he discover there, what kind of a person will he become after this immersion inwards? Joining two such differing worlds the musicians invite a listener to plunge into his own Universe. Both an aloof vocal of Alquimia and humming sounds of electronic instruments of Roedelius are the stairs only that give support and help a listener to move through a tunnel to his own Universe.
An incredibly tender, bewitching "White Dream" composition accompanied by heavenly Alquimia's vocal turns you back to the present. But you are turned back revived and renewed. You are back after Alquimia's voice calmed down far away, and this world is waiting for you and your actions.

The album "Move & Resonate" is a bold experiment, one of those that provoke professionals into creating new trends in music. As for the listeners it is a nice opportunity to enjoy immensely a team-work of two Artists - Roedelius and Alquimia.
The album "Move & Resonate" is undoubtedly predestined to be one of the highest on the list of any collection.

Serge Kozlovsky